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Alberta Registry Corporate Services Price List

Please find a list of our Corporate service prices below. To register for these services please come to our Edmonton registry office.

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Alberta Corporations

NUANS Report $71.25
Incorporate Numbered Company $458.75
Incorporate Named Company $433.75 (+ NUANS Report $71.25)
Articles of Revival $257.50 + $56.25 (*Annual Return required to be filed)
Annual Return $76.25
Notice of Change of Directors/Shareholders $31.50
Notice of Change of Address $31.50
Corporate Name Change $155.00
Articles of Dissolution $52.50

Trade Names & Partnerships

Declaration of a Trade Name $57.25
Declaration of Partnership $57.25
Declaration of Address Change $31.50
Dissolution of Trade Name $42.00
Dissolution of Partnership $42.00

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Awesome to Deal With!

Every time I have called, everything is handled in a very professional and timely manner!! Awesome company to deal with. Thank you!   5/5

-Lori K.

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5738 - 75 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 4:00 pm
P. (780)-463-8090
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