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From commercial and personal vehicle registrations to birth certificates, the Armour Registry office helps to secure vehicles, build homes and support families every day.

Armour Registry is now open to the public.

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Edmonton Registry Services

Armour Registries offers complete registry services.

Motorcycle Road Tests start April 1st! Book yours now!

Your Edmonton registry office. Are you in need of registry services?

  • Registry services
  • Vehicle registration services
  • Licensing and registration
  • Driver testing and licenses
  • Car registration information
  • Commercial Auto Pro rate services 
  • Corporate searches
  • Personal Property searches, Registration and Title searches 
  • Incorporation services
  • Vital Statistics
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates

Hours of Operation:

Armour Registry is now open to the public. We are currently allowing up to 2 clients inside at a time.

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 4:00 pm

P. (780)-463-8090 
F. (780)-463-8099

Book a Road Test

Road tests must now be booked at the Goverment of Alberta E-Service website. Click here to book your road test today. 

Or, try our quick links below:

The AARA is now offering online vehicle renewals at their e-registry website.

Online Vehicle Renewals


E-Registry Renewal Reminders

Receive a reminder via text or email with the AARA's E-Registry Renewal Reminder Service. Click here to register.

Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe

I want to pass along my appreciation to how stringent the young woman that renewed my plate today. We are such creatures of habit and forget some of the simplest safety measures. I was there around 1pm today and she was at the 2nd last counter I beleive. Thank you for your part in keeping everyone safe.   5/5  - Jim B.

-John D.