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Edmonton Road Tests

Book your road test with one of our professional, courteous testers today.

Armour Registries has a full staff of certified road test examiners ready to administer your exam. We accept credit cards and have vehicles on site for those who need to rent a vehicle for their test. We offer all types of Alberta Road Tests: 

  • Class 4 Road Tests
  • Class 5A Road Tests
  • Class 5B Road Tests
  • Class 6 Road Tests


What to Know Before You Take Your Test

The following rules must be followed to complete your driving test. Please review carefully, if you do not come prepared to your test you may not be able to complete it and refunds cannot be offered.

  • Arrive Early – 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Documents – You must have – valid identification, proof of valid insurance, valid vehicle registration.
  • Written Exam Results – Class 1,2,3,4,6. For these classes you must have a copy of your written exam results.
  • Medical Exam Results – Class 1,2,4. For these classes you must have a copy of your medical exam.
  • Alcohol / Drugs – If the Examiner suspects or detects the use of Alcohol or Drugs the Road Test will be canceled and the Fee paid will not be refunded.
  • I authorize Armour Registries to view my Alberta Driver’s License records for the purpose of determining my eligibility to take the selected Road Test.
  • The examiners request that no pot helmets be worn for Class 6 road tests as the wind interferes with the two-way radio used for communication.
  • Vehicle Safety – The driver examiner will determine the safety of the vehicle prior to the Road Test. If the Examiner determines that the vehicle is not safe the Road Test will be canceled and all fees paid will be lost.


Safety Standards

The following must be in good working order: lights, horn, speedometer, brakes, steering, exhaust, and mirrors. Windshield view must be unobstructed. Tires must have safe tread and safe rims. Seats must be securely fastened to vehicle and have working seat belts. Vehicle must have enough fuel to complete the road test.

Compliance or failure to comply with these Safety Standards is at the sole discretion of the driver examiner. Failure to comply will result in the loss of all fees paid. All driver examiners are independent contractors and have authority regarding Safety Standards compliance.