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EPCOR Employee Group Insurance Program

Armour Insurance Group is happy to offer an EPCOR Employees Group Discount to all Canadian EPCOR staff. We have enhanced the benefits to EPCOR Employees by negotiating an increased property / auto insurance discount and preferred claims service with Economical Group Insurance. 

EPCOR Employees
You may be paying too much for your insurance!

When you finish your quote, an extra 15% will automatically be subtracted from your final price. Alberta residents click below to start your free quote, or give us a call at 1-855-475-0959. If you live outside Alberta, call us on our Canada wide quote line at 1-866-247-7700 to quote over the phone. 

Start Saving on Your Car Insurance

Start Saving on Your Home Insurance


Benefits of the EPCOR Employee Group Insurance Program

  • Discounted group rates typically reduce insurance premiums
  • Additional discounts can reduce premiums up to 60% plus your group discounts
  • No interest or service charges; a saving of 3% of the total premium
  • Licensed insurance professionals provide personalized insurance counseling
  • Quality insurance protection
  • Inter-company discounts are available for a variety of multiple account and multi-vehicle policies
  • Convenient payment plans with a variety of payment options
  • Individual counseling through on site seminars available
  • All current full time employees, retirees, spouses and financial dependents residing in the same household of The City of Edmonton group member also qualify.
  • Fast, fair, courteous 24 hours claim service.

Armour Insurance specializes in providing auto and property insurance for groups and individuals, commercial insurance and life insurance for organizations and individuals. We are pleased to make this very attractive program available to EPCOR employees through our local Edmonton office. 


Remember, you can always call us if you prefer to get your quote over the phone: 

780-475-0959 (in Alberta)
1-866-247-7700 (Outside Alberta)