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Intact Business Insurance with Armour

Intact Business Insurance with Armour

intact insuranceAt Intact Insurance, their commitment to you is to get your life back on track again, and for your business, that means restoring normal operations as quickly as possible should you ever experience damage to your property or interruption to your business.

Your Armour broker has the experience to understand what your business needs, and, working with loss control experts, will identify problems before they happen and suggest ways to control, reduce or eliminate risks altogether.

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And if you need to back your services with surety bonds, Intact Insurance is one of Canada's largest issuers of contract, administration, miscellaneous surety and lost document bonds.

Contractors Edge and Contractors Edge Plus

An Insurance Product designed for:

  • Masonry, bricklaying, stonework, terrazzo and tiles; Commercial building construction, electrical, painting, and
  • drywall; Installation of doors, windows, glass and siding; Plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning;
  • Driveways, sidewalks and fences, parking areas; Landscaping, lawn sprinklers; Land grading, levelling and excavation;
  • Highway, street and road paving; Sewer, drain and water main construction; Cement and Concrete work.
  • Plus many other contracting operations

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Business and Professional Services Edge Advantage

An Insurance product designed for:

  • Specifically designed for business customers with annual
  • revenues above $500,000, this product is ideal for:
  • Accountants; Audiologists; Janitorial Services; Management Consultants; Optometrists; Photography Studios;
  • Social Workers; Travel Agencies.
  • And much more!

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Oil and Gas Insurance

An insurance product designed for:

  • Battery operators, drilling contractors, and electricians;Equipment rental companies and food services companies;
  • Geologists, landmen, and landscaping contractors; Janitorial services, truckmen, and oilfield consultants; Oilfield medical personnel;
  • Seismic survey contractors and steam cleaning contractors; Pilot trucks, power tong operators, and vacuum truck operators;
  • Site preparation contractors/supervisors; Site reclamation contractors and well servicing contractors; Welders (including oilfield welding inspectors); Well logging and testing and well servicing contractors

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Equipment Breakdown Insurance

If your business relies on electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment then you may want to consider Intacts Equipment Breakdown Insurance.

Commercial property policies specifically exclude many key risks associated with such equipment, such as loss due to mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, and cracking, or rupture of boilers and pressure vessels. Equipment Breakdown Insurance fills the coverage gap.

Typical losses

  • Grocery store refrigeration compressor motor winding burned out causing loss of specialty meats in a walk-in freezer:
    Compressor repairs: $9,300
    Consequential damage: $10,654
  • Power cable from main transformer to water pumping station panel shorted to ground and damaged switchgear. Emergency generator required:
    Replacement cables and controls: $67,261
    Extra Expense: $3,885
  • Hot water heating boiler in apartment building was completely damaged from overheating. Provided temporary heat and expedited boiler replacement.
    Total costs: $17,215

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