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Intact Insurance

intact.jpgARMOUR Insurance is proud to provide Intact Insurance products. Intact is Canada’s largest autohome and business insurance company protecting over 4 million customers.

Intact Insurance is Canada’s largest auto, home and business insurance company protecting over 4 million customers. They are here to protect the things you care about.

Insurance is about protecting the things you care about. It’s why the insurance you choose for yourself or your business should reflect who you really are. You want to feel confident about the insurance company your broker recommends. Intact Insurance are present from coast-to-coast and have strong relationships with Armour Insurance. This means that we can work closely with Intact to provide the outstanding service, comfort and continuity you deserve.

For more information on Auto or Commercial Insurance through Intact check out these links below:

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Armour Insurance works with Intact Insurance and other fine insurance brokers to get you the best price available. Click below to find out just how good our prices are.


When the unexpected happens you can call Intact 24/7 and within 30 minutes of your call, they will start the process of getting you back to normal.

Intact Insurance Emergency Claim Number: Intact Insurance 1-866-464-2424

At ARMOUR Insurance we can help you with your property insurance claims, whether it's a home insurance claim or an auto insurance claim.

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