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Umbrella Insurance

In recent years we've seen the frequency of lawsuits increase along with the size of court awards. With increased awards, defendants are finding that their primary insurance policy’s liability coverage just isn’t enough to cover these costs.


Extra liability insurance for extra peace of mind

Umbrella insurance is a liability insurance policy that protects assets and future income over and above your primary policies.

An umbrella policy fills coverage gaps in your underlying policy. We call it "umbrella" because it protects your assets more broadly than your primary coverage. Download a brochure on Umbrella Insurance coverage here.

The rewards that come with success and achievement can make you and your family more vulnerable to lawsuits and financial losses. For a low annual cost, Armour's Personal Umbrella Insurance offers the extra layer of liability protection that you need.

Extra financial security for your family – and the peace of mind you need to get the most out of life.


Find out more about umbrella coverage by contacting Armour today!