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ATV Insurance

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ATV Insurance

Get your all-terrain vehicle insured with Armour and we'll get you on your way sooner!

Did you know that you need ATV insurance if you want to drive on public land? Failure to produce insurance could result in the seizure of your unit. Save yourself a headache and talk to an Armour broker today. 

Protect Your Ride and Wallet 

Get Armour protection for your ATV. Speak with one of our ATV experts today. 

Coverage can include:

  • Liability (bodily injury and property damage)
  • Accessories (plows, gun racks, winches)
  • Optional loss or damage coverage

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3 min read

ATV Insurance Basics - Why Do I Need ATV Insurance? What Does It Cover?

ATV/quad sales in Alberta have spiked to incredibly high levels during a the COVID riddled year of 2021. There was a staggering 190% increase in quad sales from March 2021 to the previous years numbers. With so many extra units out there, it is important to know what kind of coverage you need for your ATV or quad in order to be compliant with Alberta regulations.