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Life Insurance Calculator

Not sure how much life insurance coverage you need? Try our life insurance calculator.

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Life Insurance Needs Assessment Calculator

If you'd like to get an idea about what kind of life insurance you need before talking to one of our professionals simply enter your information in the form below and it will automatically calculate a suggested life insurance amount for you.


Cash Needs


Final Expenses (funeral, legal, medical)
Pay off all mortgages and debts
Education Fund for Children
Other (taxes, bequests, emergencies)
Total Cash Needs:

Income Needs


Annual income needed by your family
Number of years to provide for
Expected rate of return
Expected inflation rate
Funds Needed to Generate Income


Available Assets


Current life insurance coverage
Retirement Savings
Non-retirement assets
Other assets
Total available assets




Cash Needs
Income Needs
Total Cash and Income Needs
Subtract Availalble Assets
Total life insurance needs

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