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Car Insurance

Car insurance doesn't only protect your car, it protects your way of life. Enjoy the open road with the knowledge that an Armour Insurance broker has placed you with the coverage that you need to protect you from unexpected happenstances. Protect yourself with Armour today.

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Whether you're a new driver, a seasoned one, or simply want to review your policy, Armour Insurance can offer you:

  • Great service with an experienced insurance professional. They will answer questions and explain your coverage options.
  • Competitive premiums from the top Canadian Insurers. 
  • Claims Advocacy: As your car insurance broker, we act as your advocate and you are our priority.
  • We can handle all of your Auto Insurance needs. We know your time is important so save time and money by bundling your Insurance with Armour. 


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Car Insurance for High Value Vehicles

We offer an enhanced coverage package for customers with high value vehicles. Find out more about it here.

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Should You Get Winter Tires?

Are you debating buying winter tires? Not sure of the benefits? As fall begins, and winter draws closer, it’s time to start thinking about tires. Many Albertans believe that their all season tires are ‘good enough’. What is the difference between winter tires and all season tires? Is good enough really good enough?

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Tips To Prevent Vehicle Theft

An experienced thief can steal your car, without a key, in 30 seconds. After your home, your vehicle is probably your largest investment. Most vehicle thefts are preventable. Taking some simple steps can help reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen.  

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Understanding Auto Insurance

If you don't know what "Liablility", and "Loss of Use of Endorsement" means, don't worry. This section will explain exactly what all of those terms mean to you.

Auto Accident Kit

A car accident, whether big or small, is a scary thought. SOmetimes it's hard to remember what you should do. You can find our Auto Accident Kit and some helpful tips here about what to do in case of an accident.

Car Insurance Claims

If you have a car insurance or any other kind of claim, get a complete list of all of the Claims and Losses phone numbers for Armour Insurance here.

Our goal is to always be there to help you. We're there for our car insurance customers from Edmonton to Lethbridge, our property insurance customers and commercial customers.  



Do Photo Radar Tickets Affect My Insurance?

Posted by Alannah McEwan 

Speeding is by far the most common traffic ticket given out in  Canada. Do you know which traffic tickets will increase your  insurance rates? Will photo radar and police issued tickets have  the same impact on your insurance and driving record?


If I Lend My Car to a Friend  Will My Insurance Still Cover Me?

Posted by Alannah McEwan

What happens if you lend your vehicle to a friend or relative and  they get into an accident while driving? What are the risk of  lending someone your vehicle? Whose insurance will cover the  damages? These are the questions you should have an answer  to before lending out your vehicle.

If you're looking for Edmonton car insurance or car insurance in Lethbridge, Lloydminster or anywhere in Alberta or Saskatchewan there is no need to look anywhere else. Our licensed insurance brokers across Alberta will then help you choose the lowest price Car Insurance with the right coverage for you.

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