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If you're looking for Edmonton car insurance or car insurance in Lethbridge, Lloydminsteror anywhere in Alberta or Saskatchewan there is no need to look anywhere else.

Quote your car insurance wtih Armour Insurance and we'll check your rates against Canada's top 10 insurance companies. Our licensed insurance brokers in Edmonton, Lloydminster, Sherwood Park and Lethbridge will then help you choose the lowest priceCar Insurance with the right coverage for you.

We have excellent, fast customer service, including online car insurance quotes.

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There really is no need to shop anywhere else when you choose Armour Insurance. We understand your Car & Auto Insurance needs and we place your insurance with the company that provides the protection and security you need at a the lowest rate availalbe to us. Learn more on our car insurance blog.


Personal Auto Insurance

Car Insurance is a necessity, but it doesn't have to be a drain. We will provide the best coverage for you, your family and your car. You may qualify for discounts up to 50%! 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Regardless of your company size we will work with you to put in place the insurance coverage and logistical support you require to meet your needs. We're even happy to complete a free review of your company policy and see where you could be saving money.

Fleet Vehicle Insurance

If you have more than 5 commercial vehicles, you may qualify for a fleet rate. Armour can make sure you get the proper fleet insuransce.

Understanding Auto Insurance

If you don't know what "Liablility", and "Loss of Use of Endorsement" means, don't worry. This section will explain exactly what all of those terms mean to you.

Auto Accident Kit

A car accident, whether big or small, is a scary thought. SOmetimes it's hard to remember what you should do. You can find our Auto Accident Kit and some helpful tips here about what to do in case of an accident.

Car Insurance Claims

If you have a car insurance or any other kind of claim, get a complete list of all of the Claims and Losses phone numbers for Armour Insurance here.

Our goal is to always be there to help you. We're there for our car insurance customers from Edmonton to Lethbridge, our property insurance customers and commercial customers. 

rental car insurance

 Can I Say No to Rental Car  Insurance?

 Posted by Rob Stevenson - March 23, 2015 

 Rental car companies do their very best to sell you insurance on  the vehicle you rent, but do you really need it or does your current  car insurance already have you covered?

Car insurance tips

 Spring Car Maintenance Tips

 Posted by Rob Stevenson - March 14, 2015 

 A long cold Alberta winter can wreak havoc on your car or truck.  Low temperatures, salt and sand covered roads and driving  through heavy snowfalls work against your vehicle all winter. Here  are some spring maintenance tips you can use to fix any damage  your vehicle may have sustained and make sure your car is  running in tip top condition on the first dry roads we've seen since  October!