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Property Insurance Tips

Call Armour to review your home insurance policy when making significant changes.This will help ensure you are getting the best coverage at the best price. 

We are always available to provide an updated building cost guide on your home to insure your home to its replacement value.


  • Yearly home policy reviews. Let us know when your life changes. It helps us do our job more efficiently and gets you better protection.

  • Even if your home is new the insurance reconstruction cost is likely higher as it costs more to build in a developed area than a newly developing area.

  • For qualifying homes we insure the dwelling with a guaranteed replacement cost endorsement (GRC). To get GRC you need to complete a worksheet to value your home.

  • We want your contents to be adequately insured in the event of an insured loss. This is not a guaranteed replacement cost. If the value of the contents in your home increase, you must increase content coverage.

  • There are special limits on items such as jewelry. Keep a record of what you own and what it's worth. With an inventory, you will know if you have enough insurance to buy replacements.

  • Write down an inventory, take pictures, or take a video of your property. This will help you to recall the items that were in their your home, prior to the claim. Make sure this information is kept in another location or safety deposit box.

  • Your home policy also has a liability section that protects you if you have been negligent in some way. To determine negligence there must be a duty of care owed (you must keep people safe). Secondly, there must have been an injury of some sort. Thirdly, a person has to complain that they were injured.

These are a few of the areas of a home policy. It is important to work closely with your insurance professional to protect items you value and have acquired.


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