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Auto Accident Kit

Print out this car accident kit and keep in your vehicle.



What to do if you are in a car accident

After you've ensured everyone's safety, there are a few things you should take care of following a car accident:

  • If you are in a car accident exchange information with the other driver. Contact and insurance information should be exchanged with all other parties involved.
  • If there is a witness be sure to obtain their telephone number and name.
  • Collect information about the collision, if possible take pictures of the vehicles involved.
  • Contact the nearest law enforcement agency for any damage over $2,000 or if there are any injuries.
  • Do not discuss the facts of the accident with anyone except the law enforcement officer.
  • Don't admit fault.

After you have exchanged information with all parties involved

  • If you cannot drive your vehicle - you must make arrangements for it to be removed from the road. Otherwise, your vehicle will be deemed abandoned.
  • If can can drive your vehicle then you can leave the collision scene.
  • If the collision involves an unattended vehicle, you must contact the owner. If you can not find the owner, you must securely attach your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and license plate number to the damaged vehicle.
  • Do not write out a declaration that you were at fault in the accident. Do not admit any liability when you are talking with the other driver(s). Collect the information and who is at fault will be determined at a later time.
  • Immediately report the claim to one of our offices:
    North side 780-475-0959
    South side 780-463-8095
    Sherwood Park 780-417-2848
    or you can report directly to your insurance company using one of the numbers listed on this page
  • The information regarding the loss will be sent to your Insurance Company, who will assign a claims representative to resolve your claim.

Download the Auto Accident Kit
Print this off and keep it in your vehicle.

What is my claims representatives role?

The claims representative role is to assist you in filing your claim. Generally, meeting policy requirements, and determining how the policy responds while providing service in an fast and efficient manner.

What is a "Collision" Loss?

Collision coverage insures you for loss or damage caused to your automobile when it collides with another vehicle. 

What is a "Comprehensive" Loss?

Comprehensive coverage insures you against losses other than collision. Losses from fire, theft, glass breakage, windstorm, hail, tornado, vandalism, and impact with animals.

Further Resources

The Collision Report form from the Government of Alberta will help you to remember the types of information you’ll need to record at the scene. Keep it in your glove compartment along with a spare pen.


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