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How Do I Know if I'm Properly Insured?

Have you ever found yourself asking: "Is my business properly insured?" This is a question that you need the answer to, and fast.

Not All Businesses are the Same

This may seem like a pretty obvious statement. As obvious as it is, in insurance, it is a very important phrase. Different businesses and industries present their own insurance challenges. We can't provide the same coverage to someone running a trucking or transportation company that we would to a hairdresser or retailer. That's why our commercial brokers are experts in a wide range of industries. 

For this reason, we make sure that we have as many innovative products for Commercial customers as possible. We take pride in knowing that our staff has experience in all of the major commercial industries operating in Alberta.

Whether looking to insure commercial buildingscontentsCommercial Auto, Fleet VehiclesBusiness Interruptioncrimeliability, or other exposures, we have access to programs that suit your business.


Yearly Reviews

Businesses change and grow, that's what their supposed to do. Because of this we automatically review your coverage every single year. Our commitment to you doesn't end when the program is in place. We review your program each year for the proper:

  • Fit
  • Cost
  • Satisfaction

Commercial insurance can't be handled like a machine, it needs a personal touch. We insure a broad range of profitable, dynamic Alberta businesses. Tell us about yours and find out how you can save money (and sleep better knowing that you're covered).


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