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Critical Illness Insurance

Nobody wants to think about the possibility that we could face a life threatening illness during our working years, but the fact is that critical illness can strike at any time.


25% of Canadians over age 45 will suffer a critical illness in the next 20 years.

With today's advances in medical science and technology, the chances of surviving a critical illness are better than ever. However, often comes at a high financial cost. Recovering from a life threatening illness can take months or years, eating into savings and restricting your ability to provide for your family.


The Facts About Critical Illness 

  • 1 in 3 Canadians will develop cancer
  • 50,000 Canadians suffer a stroke each year
  • 1 in 20 Canadians run the risk of having a stroke before age 70
  • 1 in 4 Canadians will develop some form of heart disease
  • 75,000 Canadians suffer heart attacks each year


What Will Critical Illness insurance Do For Me?

You may already have life insurance or disability insurance. However, these products are not designed to cover the overwhelming expenses incurred by a life threatening illness where a lengthy period of treatment and convalescence is required. This is where Critical Illness Insurance steps in.

Our Quick Issue Critical Illness Insurance is designed to provide funds to help you financially care for yourself and your family and maintain your quality of life. The plan pays a lump sum tax-free benefit. The full amount will be paid to the owner on the occurrence of the first of the 14 covered illnesses. This provided the insured survives a waiting period following the onset of the critical illness. 

If death occurs prior to the expiry of the policy Quick Issue Critical Illness will refund all basic premiums paid into the plan to the beneficiary.


How Do I Get Quick Issue Critical Illness?

If you can answer 'No' to the 8 qualifying questions, you qualify. Call us or fill out the form on the bottom to run through the questions and get your policy in place today.

Download the Critical Illness Brochure Here

One of our licensed brokers will review your submission and make sure that you didn't miss anything. So you can be sure that you get the coverage you need at the price you deserve.


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