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Congratulations to Our $1,500 Quote Contest Winners!

By Jake McCoy on Feb 3, 2023 3:25:15 PM

Through December 2022 and early January 2023, we were running a $1,500 quote contest with Armour Insurance. Anyone who got a quote with Armour or referred a someone to get a quote with Armour was eligible to win. 

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3 min read

Snowmobile Theft: What Can Insurance Do?

By Jake McCoy on Jan 29, 2023 9:53:00 AM

Over the Christmas break, some family friends of ours had their snowmobiles stolen right off their flatbed trailer. It was on relatively well lit street, the snowmobiles were tied down and didn't have the keys in them, and they weren't in a seedy area where you might expect something like this. Despite all of this, they still had their snowmobiles stolen in the early hours of boxing day. 

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2 min read

Alberta Government Freezes Insurance Rates and Opens Up Payment Plans

By Rob Stevenson on Jan 27, 2023 2:34:54 PM

The Alberta government announced on January 25, 2023 that they would be freezing auto insurance rates and making it easier for residents to pay monthly for their insurance. We wanted to clarify what this all means for Albertans, how your it impacts your insurance premiums this year, and what it will mean going forward. 

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3 min read

8 Sounds Your Vehicle Makes and What They Could Mean

By Jake McCoy on Jan 20, 2023 11:15:00 AM

If your car is making any sound other than the typical operating noises, you probably have some issues with your vehicle. In order to help your avoid expensive auto repairs it's good to proactively listen to what your car is telling you. Keeping an ear out for unusual sounds in your car can help you identify potential problems early and prevent costly repairs. Here are some common car sounds and what they may indicate: 

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3 min read

Does the Fog Look Like Pea Soup? Here's 7 Tips to Help You Through It

By Jake McCoy on Jan 10, 2023 12:45:00 PM

If you're an Albertan like me, you're probably not used to thick fog on your commute to work. My friends and family over in BC look at this thick fog and they think nothing of it really. Today is just a regular Tuesday for them. For me? I was white knuckling it on my way into the city. In order to help my fellow Albertan's, here are 7 helpful tips to getting you through the fog safely. 

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3 min read

Convictions: How do they impact your auto insurance?

By Jake McCoy on Dec 31, 2022 12:06:16 PM

Conviction can be a bit of a scary word. In this context, convictions are not quite as dramatic as the a Law and Order kind of convictions. In this case, a conviction refers to a driving conviction on your record. A driving conviction is when you get a pullover ticket where you were cited by the police for breaking the law.

*Note that only pull over tickets caused by your driving behaviour will impact your insurance. 

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5 min read

The Car Wouldn't Start This Morning - Here's What I Did

By Jake McCoy on Dec 20, 2022 5:30:00 PM

This morning in Leduc County, where I am currently living, it was -43˚C when accounting for the wind chill. Given that it is December 20th in central Alberta, this kind of weather isn't really out of the ordinary. Living on an acreage, we park our vehicles outside on the driveway overnight. With multiple people living in the house, we have 4 vehicles on the property.

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3 min read

Scheduling Assets on Your Home/Tenant Insurance Policy

By Jake McCoy on Dec 15, 2022 11:15:00 AM

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4 min read

Earthquakes in Alberta - What Does Insurance Cover?

By Jake McCoy on Dec 2, 2022 2:01:39 PM

The province of Alberta is not usually known for it's natural disasters. In actuality, it's quite the opposite. The land-locked nature of the province prevents tsunamis and hurricanes, the relatively flat nature of the province isolates the risk of landslides and avalanches, and volcanic eruptions aren't a concern for obvious reasons.

Outside of forest fires and the odd tornado, Alberta is typically safe from most other kinds of natural disasters. Most people probably would have said that earthquakes are a non issue in Alberta, up until recent events anyway. 

3 min read

Travel Delays are the WORST

By Jake McCoy on Nov 23, 2022 9:45:00 AM

Airline travel is arguably one of the most dreaded parts of holidays or trips. You're trying to get to the airport on time, find a parking spot, get all your luggage and documents ready, and get everything you need to get done at the counter. Then you get to wait in the grueling lineup at airport security. All of that is just a part of the flying process. But that sinking feeling when you look up at the flight screen to see that your flight has been delayed? That feels demoralizing.  

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