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4 min read

Risk Revealed: Alberta's Top 10 High-Theft Vehicles

By Jake McCoy on Dec 13, 2023 2:30:00 PM

The top 10 most commonly stolen vehicles in Alberta have been released by Canadian company Équité. We wanted to do an in-depth look at vehicle theft frequency rather than sheer numbers. In essence, we wanted to answer the question, what type of vehicle is most likely to be stolen if you were going to purchase one? The following numbers are based on the rate at which a specific vehicle is stolen proportional to the number of vehicles on the road. 

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3 min read

Someone Broke My Car Mirror, Here's What I did

By Jake McCoy on Sep 30, 2023 4:15:00 PM

After spending a wonderful Sunday out with my friends, I came back to my apartment around 8:30PM and parked my car on the street, just as I had done several times before without issue. After a restful nights sleep, I got up the next morning to less than pleasant surprise. Someone had kicked out my cars mirrors. 

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2 min read

Tips To Prevent Vehicle Theft

By Alannah McEwan on Sep 13, 2016 12:55:25 PM

An experienced thief can steal your car, without a key, in 30 seconds. After your home, your vehicle is probably your largest investment. Most vehicle thefts are preventable. Taking some simple steps can help reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen.  

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1 min read

This $5 Device Can Unlock Your Car Door Instantly

By Rob Stevenson on Feb 6, 2014 10:48:00 AM

A new device has been created that can send an electromagnetic pulse through your vehicle, unlocking it instantly. The cost of this tool? Five dollars. This device gives thieves the ability to break in and steal valuable items from your car in a matter of seconds.

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2 min read

What Really Happens to your Car After Its Stolen?

By Rob Stevenson on Feb 7, 2013 11:07:00 AM

For those of you who have ever had your car stolen, you know that the likelihood of ever seeing it again can be quite low. Unfortunately, if the thief is experienced and intends to keep your vehicle, it can be very difficult for law enforcement to recover it. That's why we have car insurance ;)

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