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Home Insurance Resources


Home Insurance

Your home is your responsibility and so is protecting it. Let Armour help with our easy online quotes and policies that are easy on your budget too.


Condo Insurance

Have you made any improvements to your condo? It's the unit owner's responsibility to insure any permanent upgrades. Learn more about this special insurance.


Tenant Insurance

Renters and tenants often don't think about a monthly insurance policy until it's too late. Make sure your belongings and your upgrades are insured.


Property Discounts

Whether you're an Armour customer or not, you should be getting the discounts you deserve. See if you qualify here.


Reviewing Your Property Insurance

It is immensely important to review your insurance policies on a regular basis. Values change, belongings change and property changes are made. Our professionals can review your policy today.


Property Insurance Explained

Learn about Property Insurance terms, typical coverage and tips to enhance your policy.


Property Claims FAQ

"What should I do if I have a claim? What are my settlement Options?" You're not alone - these are normal questions that most property owners have. Find out the answers to these and more here.


Get great tips on on our Armour Insurance Blog.  


Tips to Getting Your Mortgage Approved

Posted by Alannah McEwan 

Thinking of buying a home? You’ll probably first need to get approved for a mortgage.  To improve your chances, there are a variety of things that you can do. Being prepared  will help you show the lender that you are ready and able to take on a mortgage. Below  are some tips to help you increase your chances of being approved for a mortgage. 


Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Home That Can Save You Money

Posted by Alannah McEwan 

Fall is here and now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for winter. Regular home maintenance can help you avoid paying for major repairs. It can also reduce your number of homeowner insurance claims (an increase in claims can increase your insurance premiums).