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Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance is, for the lack of a better word, a more permanent solution than term insurance.



Benefits of a Permanent Plan

  • Level Price for life*
  • Coverage stays in place until death, no matter what age
  • Universal life and Whole life have two components consisting of insurance and investments

* Most companies offer a form of universal life Insurance for which the price increases annually. This product is only appropriate in certain specialized circumstances.


Should I Buy Permanent Insurance?

If you looking for any of the following items, you may be best suited for a permanent life insurance policy.

  • Coverage which will last for a lifetime
  • Estate creation, conservation, maximization or equalization
  • Part of an insured annuity or pension maximization
  • Providing an endowment to a charity
  • Any permanent need.


Three Types of permanent Insurance

  • T-100 – without cash value
  • Universal life – with cash values
  • Whole life – with cash values


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