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Rob Stevenson

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2 min read

Edmonton Offers a Backwater Valve Subsidy for Basement Flooding

By Rob Stevenson on Jan 11, 2024 11:49:00 AM

Topics: flood insurance home insurance Basement Flooding flood Homeowners Insurance flooding Home Insurance Blog Edmonton
2 min read

10:4 and the Top Used Trucker Terminology Good Buddy

By Rob Stevenson on Jan 5, 2024 11:17:00 AM

"You know who that is? That's Mr. Evil Knievel. He snuck in my back door, son, when I wasn't lookin'. You better flip-flop back here and gimme' a hand, son, or we gonna be in a heap of trouble. Please roger that transmission!"

3 min read

Top 7 Ways to Keep Windshield Chips From Spreading

By Rob Stevenson on Dec 13, 2023 11:33:00 AM

If you can drive on Alberta Roads for more than a month without getting a chip in your windshield, you deserve a medal! Keeping your windshield free of cracks and chips is quite possibly one of the most frustrating things about driving in northern climates like ours. The last windshield I replaced lasted only 5 months before developing a long horizontal crack. 

Topics: Car Insurance windshield chips
2 min read

Does Turning Down Your Thermostat at Night Save Money?

By Rob Stevenson on Dec 8, 2023 9:15:00 AM

True or False: Turning down your thermostat at night or when you’re out results in using more energy than you save when you have to heat the house back up again.

Since the dawn of central heating, this subject has been a source of dispute between spouses. When the weather turns cool furnaces across our nation fire up and start consuming energy (and spending money) in an attempt to keep us comfortable in our homes. It leads us to look at ways to save money and get through the winter months with a little more money in our pocket books. 

When you turn down the heat before bed what you're doing is called Thermostat Setback. And when you turn the heat back up in the morning this is called Thermostat Setup. Basically what you're doing is turning the heat down when you don't need it and back up when you do. 

2 min read

What Happens if you get Caught Without Valid Registration on your Car?

By Rob Stevenson on Nov 23, 2023 3:23:00 PM

Have you ever been pulled over without valid registration on your vehicle? Is your registration up to date? I was caught on Highway 2 last weekend with expired registration on my car. Here's what happened.

Topics: registration vehicle registration Alberta registry traffic laws Armour Registry
3 min read

Is it Ever Legal to Do a U-Turn in Alberta?

By Rob Stevenson on Nov 10, 2023 7:37:00 AM

On a sunny Saturday morning last May I was pulled over and issued a ticket for an illegal U-Turn. After I got past the initial embarrassment of being pulled over on a busy road, I asked the police officer, where it actually WAS legal to make a U-turn in Alberta. His response surprised me...

Topics: Car Insurance traffic laws
2 min read

Alberta Government Freezes Insurance Rates and Opens Up Payment Plans

By Rob Stevenson on Jan 27, 2023 2:34:54 PM

The Alberta government announced on January 25, 2023 that they would be freezing auto insurance rates and making it easier for residents to pay monthly for their insurance. We wanted to clarify what this all means for Albertans, how your it impacts your insurance premiums this year, and what it will mean going forward. 

Topics: Car Insurance Insurance Premiums Inflation Alberta Insurance
9 min read

What the Latest Rate Board Filing Decisions Mean for Alberta Drivers

By Rob Stevenson on Jan 13, 2021 3:27:08 PM

The Alberta Auto Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) is the organization charged with regulating auto insurance premiums in Alberta. Each quarter insurance companies can file requests asking for changes to their rates. The AIRB reviews these requests and approves or deny's them based on "actuarial justification and the insurer’s individual circumstances to ensure insurance is accessible, equitable and sustainable for all Albertans". The decisions have just been released for last quarters filings. Here's what these mean to Alberta motorists. 

Topics: Auto Insurance Commercial Insurance rates Insurance Premiums
1 min read

Aviva Canada Goes Paperless

By Rob Stevenson on Jan 11, 2021 10:05:51 AM

Aviva Insurance has recently announced that it will be moving towards a more paperless experience for their personal insurance customers. In an industry that has traditionally high paper consumption this is welcome news for forests across Canada.

1 min read

Appointment Required for Visits to Armour Offices

By Rob Stevenson on Nov 26, 2020 4:43:03 PM

In compliance with the new mandatory public health measures put in place by the Alberta Government this week Armour Insurance will be offering in person visits to our offices by appointment only for the time being. Our staff remains at full capacity and is available to provide all of our services over the phone and online. 

Topics: covid-19


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