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Armour Insurance Blog

Dash Cams - Do They Help Me Save On Insurance?

February Vehicle Registration Renewals

New Condo Guidelines Could Leave Condo Owners Holding a Bill for $50,000

How to Complete your Intact My Driving Discount App Signup

Angel Tree Christmas Campaign Underway at Armour Lethbridge

Our Intact Client Centre Summer Contest Winner

How Your Insurance Broker Works for You When Rates Increase

New Insurance Rating Restrictions from Alberta's Superintendent of Insurance

What to Expect With Insurance Rates this Fall

Armour's Core Values - From the Lunchroom

Why Insurance Rates Are on the Rise

Be Careful Dropping Coverages

Alberta Approves Use of Electronic Pink Cards

What is a Deductible?

How to Report An Auto Claim on Your Armour Mobile App

Will a Hit and Run Leave you High and Dry?

How to Access Your Pink Card on the Armour Mobile App

Motorcycle Insurance - What You Need to Know

High Level Wildfires Spur Insurance Companies to Restrict Binding in the Region

Lisa Ray Wins $1,000 in the Armour Insurance - Intact Client Centre Contest

Why Armour is Switching Our Customers to $2M Liability

Armour President talks Auto Insurance on 630 Ched

What is CAIB?

Keep Your Car in the Family...Even if It's Totaled

Free Webinar: How Much Liability Coverage is Enough?

November Vehicle Registration Renewals

Armour Lethbridge Supports the Lethbridge & District Humane Society

How a Postal Strike Could Affect Your Insurance

Free Webinar: Cyber Security - What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Is Alberta Auto Insurance in Crisis?

September Vehicle Registration Renewals

Why Use Premium Gas?

July Vehicle Registration Renewals

Credit Score and Your Insurance

June Vehicle Registration Renewals

Our Bermuda Boarding Call Winner

What Happens When You Miss a Payment

May Vehicle Registration Renewals

What Happens if you get Caught Without Valid Registration on your Car?

April Vehicle Registration Renewals

March Vehicle Registration Renewals

They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To

Is Your Baby Name Trending?

The Bermuda Boarding Call Contest is Here

January Vehicle Registration Renewals

What's so Important About Tenant's Insurance?

December Vehicle Registration Renewals

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats are Inside Your Company

Cyber Crime, Why Small Businesses can Lose Big

Do Photo Radar Tickets Affect My Insurance?

Win a Hockey Night In Canada Winter Classic Jacket

October Vehicle Registration Renewals

Beautiful Alberta Photo Contest Winner Update

Consumer Alert Regarding Potential Fraudulent Activity

Beautiful Alberta Photo Contest - Winning Photos

Tips for Driving Safely in Heavy Rain

August Vehicle Registration Renewals

Armour's Edmonton North Office Is Moving

Extreme Sports & Insurance: How to Protect Yourself

Get Storm Ready – Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Summer Storm

Seasonal Vehicles: Insuring Your Summer Toys

Should You Change Your Own Oil?

Vehicle Thefts on the Rise in Edmonton

Introducing the Armour App!

The Difference Between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Agent - And Why You Should Care.

Introducing My Driving Discount!

Hail in Alberta: What You Need to Know

Select Sweepstakes 2017/2018

Are You Ready for Spring Weather?

Insurance for Small Businesses in Alberta

Home Sharing Insurance for Short Term Rentals

I’ve Been in a Hit and Run, What Should I Do?

EPCOR Letter May Have Some Residents Paying Twice for Water Service Line Insurance

Should You Tip Your Uber Driver?

Possible New Tax on Private Health and Dental Plans

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mortgage Insurance vs Term Life Insurance

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance

Save Money This Year With an Insurance Makeover

Heading Down South This Winter? Make Sure You Read This First.

CLPNA Member Wins Mini Cooper with Armour Insurance

Armour Named as CSIO Technology Leader

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Alumni of Alberta Save 20% With Armour

Commercial Insurance Tips for New Business Owners

Alberta Resident Wins 2016 MINI Cooper in Select Sweepstakes Contest

Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Home That Can Save You Money

Redeem a Dream Contest

Should You Get Winter Tires?

Tips To Prevent Vehicle Theft

Insurance Tips for Home Owners

If I Lend My Car to a Friend Will My Insurance Still Cover Me?

Tips to Getting Your Mortgage Approved

Aviva Home Protect Bundle

August Vehicle Registration Renewals

Increase Your Coverage Limit With Intact my Extras

Is Your Dog Covered by Your Insurance?

July Vehicle Registration Renewals

Protect Your Basement With a Wi-Fi Sump Pump Alarm

Uber Ride Sharing Insurance Now Available

What You Need to Know About Fridge and Freezer Claims & Food Spoilage

Insurance Companies Standby as Residents Return to Fort Mac

June Vehicle Registration Renewals

Intact Offers Psychological Assistance to Fort McMurray Victims

Satellite Images of Fort Mac Damage

Economical Answers Fort McMurray Claims Questions

Wawanesa Extends Mass Evacuation Coverage for Fort Mac Policy Holders

Fort McMurray Wild Fire Insurance Update

Armour Registries and Service Alberta To Waive Fees on Service for Fort McMurray Evacuees

Fort McMurray Evacuee Insurance Information

TURO Teams Up With Intact to Keep Their Drivers Insured

May Vehicle Registration Renewals in Alberta

Book Your Driving Test Today

Select Sweepstakes 2016 Launches for Armour Group Members

Alberta Vehicle Registrations Renewal Reminder for April

Should Slow Moving Vehicles Always Stay in the Right Lane?

Jewellery, Bicycles and Stamps - Your Home Insurance Has Limits

Alberta Vehicle Registrations Renewal Reminder for March

Commercial Insurance Explained

Push for Change to Allow use of eSlips Across Canada

Alberta Vehicle Registrations for February

Homeowners vs. Renters: The Differences Between These Insurance Policies

Common Mistakes you Don’t Want to Make When Filing Your First Claim

Six Ways to Save on Your Insurance this Year

We're Hiring in Lloydminster

January Vehicle Registrations

December Vehicle Registration

Distracted Driving: Is it Illegal to Send a Text While Waiting in a Drive-Through Line

Armour Lethbridge Office Accepting Donations for Windy City Dog Rescue

Economical Insurance to Proceed with Demutualization

Armour Edmonton Offices Accepting Donations for Bag of Hope 2015

November Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminder

9 Real Accident Reports From Autonomous Car Accidents

SGI Canada Roof Coverage Change Notice

Win a Pair of Oilers Tickets

Uber Partners With Intact Insurance to Provide Car Insurance for Ridesharing

October Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminder

August Vehicle Registration Reminder

Aviva Responds to Hail Damage with Mobile Appraisal Centres

Accident Benefits Unavailable for Uber Passengers - Alberta Government

Community Gardens Have Solid Roots in Alberta

Flood Prevention Checklist

When Lightning Strikes a Moving Vehicle

Jamaica My Day Winner Awarded Prize

July Vehicle Renewal Reminder

Meridian Agencies Insurance Changes Name to Armour Insurance Lloydminster Ltd.

The Aviva Community Fund is Back!!

Takata Airbag Recall Canadian Vehicle List

The Top 6 Ways that Renovations can Void Your Home Insurance

We're Giving Away a Trip for Two to Jamaica!!

What you Need to Know About Aviva Overland Water Coverage

Insurance Phone Scam Alert

Armour Winners!

What Does Economical's Plan for Demutualization Mean to Me

World Insurance Report 2015

Aviva Offers Flood Insurance - First Ever Coverage of Its Kind in Canada

Man Crashes Drone at White House - "Ruins it" for Other Hobbyists

Aviva is Going Green with ePost

Are Uber Drivers Voiding Their Car Insurance?

Alberta's 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in 2014

Ford Tops the List of Canada's Most Stolen Vehicles in 2014

UAV Operation Restrictions in Canada

Top 7 Ways to Keep Windshield Chips From Spreading

SGI Canada Phasing Out Air Miles

How Long Can I Have My Car Out of Province and Keep My Insurance?

How Many Demerit Points?

Bag of Hope

Why Are Gas Prices Going Down

AIRB Orders Mandatory Insurance Premium Increase

Can I Say No to Rental Car Insurance?

Is it Ever Legal to Do a U-Turn in Alberta?

Fall Fun and Halloween Activities Around Alberta 2014

Aviva Insurance Launches 2014 Community Fund Project

6 No Cost Ways You Can Save Energy At Home

#BeautifulLethbridge Photo Contest Winners

September Vehicle Registration Reminder

Most People Don't Know This About Insurance Brokers And it's Costing Them Money

More Hail Springs Aviva Insurance Into Action

Intact Insurance Mobilizes to Handle Hail Claims

When Lightning Strikes

Drone Insurance Starting to Take Flight

Is My Cabin / Vacation Property Covered By My Home Insurance?

Flooding Forces Lethbridge and Medicine Hat to Declare State of Emergency

Your Mortgage Insurance May Not Be Valid

Car Registration Renewal Reminders Ending Soon?

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Alberta Declares Measles Outbreak

Is it Illegal to Brush Your Hair While Stopped at a Red Light?

Space Heater Dangers Seep Into Spring

Severe Weather Prevention Tips from Wawanesa

Tired of Paying for All the Bad Drivers Out There? UBI is Here to Help!

What is a Backwater Valve? Can it Reduce My Home Insurance Rates?

Motorcycle Insurance Just Got Better

Intact Insurance Continues to Evolve

Economical Insurance Announces Changes to Alberta Property Insurance Policies

This $5 Device Can Unlock Your Car Door Instantly

Edmonton Offers Free Flood Prevention Home Check-Up

Edmonton Offers a Backwater Valve Subsidy for Basement Flooding

What Should I Do With My Old Batteries

Peace Hills Insurance Announces Rate Increases Across Alberta

What is Environmentally Conscious Insurance

Is Your Home Covered While You're Renovating?

2013 Christmas Toolkit

Text Blocking App on the Horizon for Distracted Drivers

Picking the Right Security System

4 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Premium

6 Things You Can Do To Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof

Snowmobile Safety Tips

4 Critical Areas you can Reduce Stress in the Workplace

SGI Canada Launches to ePayment Option for Direct Bill Customers

Does Turning Down Your Thermostat at Night Save Money?

Intact Insurance Update Their ATV and Snowmobile Packages

Demonstration Blog Post

10 Ways to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Home Inventory Checklist - Free Download

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier Food

Ladder Safety Infographic

12 Ways to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check

1 Minute Office Workout

Are Alberta Insurance Rates Really Going up 30% or More?

Wawanesa Insurance Releases Online Insurance Claims

October 2013 - Armour inSights Newsletter

True or False? You should always fill your gas tank full rather than adding $10 - $20 at a time.

Wawanesa Insurance Announces Base Policy Limit Increases

Relaxation Techniques: 15 minutes to Lessen Pain and Stress

Is Topping Up Your Gas Tank at the Pump Good or Bad?

Some Ideas On How to Be More Physically Active

The Top 9 Flu Vaccine Myths

Mandated Auto Insurance

Aviva Customers Get $100 off Winter Tires at Kal Tire

Top 5 Tips to Men's Health

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

Break Poor Eating Habits One Step at a Time

Intact Insurance Announces Underwriting Changes for Alberta Flood Victims

Parent/Teen Driving Agreement - Free Download

Give your New Teen Driver the Tools They Need to Get Home Safe

How to Get the Best Rates for your Teen Driver's Car Insurance

How to Tow a Big Load Safely

The ABC's of Air Bag Safety

Returning Home After a Disaster

What Goes Into an Insurance Premium

Swimming Pool Liability Precautions

Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems in Your Home

What Would You Do if all of your Wedding Photos Were Lost?

Parking Lot Etiquette

Protect Your Identity - Its the Only One You Have

Security Tips for Travelling Abroad

Protecting your Motorcycle from Theft

Looking for Help around the House?

Keeping Your Privacy on the Internet

Golf Cart Safety? Don't laugh, golf cart injuries happen everyday!

Armour Okotoks Insurance Office Open for Business

Emergency Response: Flooding in Central and Southern Alberta

Heavy Rainfall in Alberta

Why Do I Need Critical Illness Insurance?

How to Replace Bathtub Caulking

Armour Insights - June 2013

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Infographic

Alberta Police Write 5,000+ Tickets Over May Long Weekend

Unique Insurance Policies that You May (or may not) Need

Top 10 Threats to Small Business

Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation Lowers Home Insurance Rates for Sherwood Park Acreages

Armour Insights - May 2013

Your Home’s Value and Property Insurance

Press Release: Intact Offers $100 Welcome Gift

Pothole Damage Claims

What if a Guest Damages Your Home?

Glass Coverage - Gone with the Wind? Maybe not...

I'm on a Boat - 2013 Boat Insurance Upgrades

Why to Buy Insurance From a Broker

Exercise Without Injury

Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance Tips

NEW Motorcycle Plus Insurance

10:4 and the Top Used Trucker Terminology Good Buddy

Dog Safety, is Not Just for Mailmen

Stuck in Bed Sick When you Should be on Plane?

10 Tips for Buying a Used Car that Isn't a Lemon

Insurance is Evolving

Can I Pay My Insurance Premiums with a Credit Card?

Time to Start Thinking About ATV Safety Again

Protecting Against Online Fraud

What Really Happens to your Car After Its Stolen?

6 Super Cool Bumper Stickers

Canada's Top 10 Stolen Vehicles of 2012

Alberta Police Call for Distracted Driving Penalties to Increase

Edmonton High Collision Locations

Catastrophic Losses - Are they Increasing?

Keep the Home Fires Burning Safely - Home Insurance

Flood Insurance, Water Damage & Your Home Insurance

10 WINTER DRIVING TIPS - Car Insurance

Avoid Accidents at Home this Halloween! Home Insurance Tips

Fine Arts Coverage - Home Insurance

5 Tips to Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Home Insurance

Alberta Summer Storm Activity - Property Insurance

Prepare Your Home This Fall! Home Insurance Tips

Pulling a Trailer - Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Shutting Down the Cottage - Home Insurance

Smart Home Renovations - Home Insurance

It's Fall Yard Cleanup Time Again in Edmonton- Home Insurance

The Best Insurance: 7 Tips to Prevent Indentity Theft

How the Make of Your Car Affects Your Car Insurance

Kids Going Away to School? Review Your Edmonton Insurance Policy

Different Types of Life Insurance - Which is Right for You?

Windshield Damage - Why You Should Fix it Immediately - car insurance

Natural Disasters and Your Home Insurance

How to Predict Your Home Insurance Fees

Life Insurance for Small Business Owners: What You Should Know

Commercial Insurance Alberta: Indicators are Pricing is on the Rise

Crop Insurance Can't Protect the Backyard from Hail, These Tips Might!

Mortgage Insurance: Insurance Brokers Vs. The Bank!

Building Insurance - Commercial Insurance

Liquor Liability - Commercial Insurance

Alberta and Agriculture - Farm Insurance

Is your Farm Crop at risk? Hail Insurance and Crop Insurance Alberta

List of top 10 stolen cars - Car Insurance Edmonton

Alberta Insurance Rate Hike. How does this affect you?

Are you a helmet wearer? - Home Insurance Edmonton

How Can a Rain Barrel Save You Money? Home Insurance Tip!

Dog Bites - Home Insurance Edmonton

Is Your Insurance Policy Current? Car Insurance, Property Insurance

Should I Let My Friend Borrow My Car? Car Insurance Edmonton

Incorporating your company - Commercial Insurance

Super Visa Insurance is Super! Medical Insurance Canada

What Phony Insurance Claims Mean for You

After the Car Accident - Car Insurance Edmonton

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

How do I Get Fleet Insurance for my Commercial Vehicles

Distracted Driving is a Major Cause of Insurance Claims

Auto Insurance Coverage Types Explained

Crop Insurance - Farm Insurance Alberta

Common Endorsements - And What They Mean for Car Insurance

Car Insurance Edmonton is now a good time to get Quotes!

Home Insurance Saftey Tip - Smoke Alarms - Home Insurance Edmonton

Keep your House Dry this Spring

Registry Clerk Wanted Armour Registries is Hiring

Home Insurance Water Damage iPad App released today

Your New Car - Proper Insurance Coverage

What is accident forgiveness? And How Does it Affect your Auto Insurance.

Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost

Armour North has Moved

Collector Vehicle Insurance Armour has you covered offering the Hagerty Collector Vehicle program

Caution some Holiday gifts need to be specifically added on to your Home Insurance Policy!

Top 10 Stolen Cars - 2011

Fire Prevention, Safety and Home Insurance: What You Need to Know