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The Flaws of Online Insurance

May 17, 2022 2:25:48 PM

When looking for insurance, taking the online route may seem convenient at first, but there are actually many disadvantages to doing so. In fact, we would say that having a licensed broker find the best options for you makes things much more convenient! Here are our reasons why getting your insurance online may be leaving holes in your coverage AND your levels of service.


Our reasons why:

  • When completing an insurance quote online, it can be nearly impossible to provide as much information as when discussing your options with a broker. This makes it very difficult to accurately quote your insurance on a self-service website. Often, people will write a policy with online insurance companies like Sonnet, thinking they are getting a really great deal, canceling their existing policy, to be told days or weeks later that they are declined for the coverage they asked for.
  • Funny enough, Sonnet is a division of Economical Insurance. So, if brokers cannot offer what's being offered by online insurance companies, this should be a big red flag.
  • Online insurance companies do not prompt users to note issues when they are quoting or signing up for a new policy. I.e. If they do not qualify for full coverage due to convictions (this is a pretty big deal – especially on a financed vehicle). In cases like this, they may have to cancel their online policy to find a new one. New policy = new rates, and often a new down payment. Ouch.
  • Online insurance quotes often do not include important coverages like hail and sewer back-up to property quotes. Can you imagine!? Since hail and water are the most common losses in Alberta, writing a policy without them is quite a risk. 
  • The wait times associated with online companies can be incredibly lengthy, whereas with Armour Insurance, you have an expert available to assist you in under 20 seconds. When dealing with a claim, waiting an hour on hold can be a painful experience. Save yourself the headache!

What else makes Armour Insurance better?

  1. Our immediate, consistent response rates.
  2. We evolve as insurance evolves, and you get an automatic policy review.
  3. Our team of experts is knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile for their clients!

With Armour, for basically the same price, you can have the benefit of working with a broker, who is here for you any time you have questions, need to make changes, or would like to check your rates. Sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

To speak with one of our experts give us a call today a 1-855-475-0959!

Gina Schopfer

Written by Gina Schopfer


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