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2 min read

How Do I know What Kind Of Wiring My Home Has?

By Jake McCoy on Mar 24, 2024 11:30:00 AM

Knowing the type of wiring in your home is crucial for safety and insurance purposes. Different types of wiring have different risks associated with them, and understanding what you have can help you make informed decisions about maintenance and coverage. In Canada, homes can have various types of wiring, including aluminum, copper, and knob-and-tube. Here's a simple guide to help you identify what kind of wiring your home uses.

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6 min read

Weathering the Storm: Climate Change and Alberta Insurance

By Jake McCoy on Mar 16, 2024 10:44:16 AM

Earlier this month, I got a letter from my insurance company about how my property insurance deductibles were being increased from $1,000 to $2,000 on hail damage and water damage. On the one hand, I was happy to hear that my premiums weren’t going up, but on the other hand, I was a little surprised to see that my deductible was literally doubling from last year with no claims or changes to my policy. When I got this news, I did what most people would do, and I gave my broker a call to ask why this happened.

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2 min read

Armour Alliances: Bioclean Disaster Services

By Jake McCoy on Mar 14, 2024 3:56:25 PM

As a part of the Armour Advantage program for commercial insurance clients, Armour does something we like to call a commercial client showcase. A client showcase promotes our clients and the excellent work that they do. This month’s client is Bioclean Disaster Services a certified disaster cleanup service with a green twist.

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5 min read

3 Reasons I wish I had Purchased Tenant Insurance

By Jake McCoy on Mar 4, 2024 1:45:00 PM

In the whirlwind of moving into a new rental property, it's easy to overlook the importance of tenant's insurance. After all, you've just signed a lease, paid a security deposit, and are busy planning the layout of your new home. But what if I told you that tenant’s insurance isn’t just another added expense, but an incredibly important part of moving out? Take it from someone who had to learn it the hard way, tenant insurance should be a top priority when you move out.

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5 min read

What Does My Property Liability Insurance Cover?

By Jake McCoy on Feb 7, 2024 10:45:00 AM

When you own or rent the place you call home, it is incredibly important to get property insurance. In some cases, you're legally required to have insurance to be able to get a mortgage or sign a lease. Even if you're not technically required to have a property insurance policy, it's still in your best interest to get property insurance that at the very least gives you liability protection. 

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5 min read

10 Things You Might Want to Name On Your Property Insurance Policy

By Jake McCoy on Oct 1, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Whether you live in a condo, a house, or you’re renting the place you call home, your property insurance is an important part of your financial stability. Regardless of whether you own the place you call home; an important part of your property insurance is ensuring you have adequate coverage for the contents.

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4 min read

5 Common Causes of Spring Flooding and How to Avoid Them

By Jake McCoy on Mar 3, 2023 11:30:00 AM

As the weather warms up and snow starts to melt, spring can bring an increased risk of flooding in homes. Whether it's heavy rainfall or melting snow, excess water can seep into basements and crawlspaces, causing costly damage to homes and belongings. Fortunately, many causes of spring home flooding can be prevented with some simple steps. We'll explore some of the most common causes of spring home flooding and provide practical tips on how to prevent them. By taking these measures, you can help safeguard your property and prepare for the season ahead.

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4 min read

How Does Tenant Insurance Work?

By Gina Schopfer on Aug 13, 2021 2:38:44 PM

If you're a renter, chances are you've considered tenant insurance. Tenant insurance stands apart from other types of property insurance, like home insurance, as it's not intended to cover damage to the physical space itself. Tenant insurance mainly focuses on your personal items found in your rented space, like your clothes, electronics, and other valuables.

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2 min read

Economical's Building Inflation Factor is Increasing

By Gina Schopfer on Jul 8, 2021 2:46:19 PM

This July, Economical Insurance will be increasing the commercial building inflation factor for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Mid-Market, and Agribusiness customers.

Topics: property insurance Insurance Claims Commercial Insurance rates save money Economical Insurance
3 min read

Busting 5 Common Home Insurance Myths

By Economical Insurance on Mar 9, 2021 4:23:45 PM

When you're shopping for home insurance, you'll probably come across a lot of helpful (and, let's face it, not so helpful) information — but how much of it is actually true? Let's break down five of the most common myths about home insurance.

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