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3 min read

Insurance Companies Standby as Residents Return to Fort Mac

By Rob Stevenson on Jun 2, 2016 9:46:40 AM

As residents return to their homes in the voluntary phased re-entry of Fort McMurray, many are finding out for the first time, what exactly they have to come home to. Many will have damage to assess and some complete losses that they will need to report to their insurance company. Many insurance companies have already set up mobile claims centres in town and making concessions to make sure that they can do anything they can to make things easier for the victims of the fire.

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1 min read

Satellite Images of Fort Mac Damage

By Rob Stevenson on May 17, 2016 11:30:00 AM

The Government of Alberta and Google have both released satellite images of the devastation that the wild fires in Northern Alberta have caused. Alberta's Map Services App comes with a warning that "structures that appear to be standing should not be considered undamaged". While these maps may not provide all the answers that victims are seeking, for many this is a first glimpse into what waits for them back home.

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1 min read

Wawanesa Extends Mass Evacuation Coverage for Fort Mac Policy Holders

By Rob Stevenson on May 16, 2016 3:34:44 PM

Wawanesa, announced today that they will be extending the maximum time of Prohibited Access coverage for their Fort McMurray and area policyholders. This coverage, which normally only lasts for two weeks, will be extended to 30 days to help residents who will most certainly be out of their homes for longer than the original time frame. Please find the full release below. 

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4 min read

Fort McMurray Wild Fire Insurance Update

By Rob Stevenson on May 13, 2016 11:07:16 AM

Our thoughts are with the community of Fort McMurray as they continue to deal with aftermath of the devastating wildfires. We have reached out to our clients, if you have not heard from us please call or email us, we are here to support you. For our insurance customers who have damages to report or who have been evacuated from their homes and need support with out of pocket, shelter or meal expenses, please contact your insurer using the list below or contact us at 1-855-475-0959 or email us at main@armourinsurance.ca.

For more information about covering emergency expenses while being evacuated, please see our previous article with info on Mass Evacuation Coverage.

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4 min read

Fort McMurray Evacuee Insurance Information

By Rob Stevenson on May 5, 2016 2:28:33 PM

As forest fires ravage Fort McMurray and residents remain under evacuation notice, insurance companies are mobilizing teams, extending hours and preparing to assist the thousands of residents affected by this disaster. For home owners in this area it's important to know how your property insurance can help you through this catastrophe.

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