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Wawanesa Extends Mass Evacuation Coverage for Fort Mac Policy Holders

May 16, 2016 3:34:44 PM

wawanesa-insurance.jpgWawanesa, announced today that they will be extending the maximum time of Prohibited Access coverage for their Fort McMurray and area policyholders. This coverage, which normally only lasts for two weeks, will be extended to 30 days to help residents who will most certainly be out of their homes for longer than the original time frame. Please find the full release below. 

Wawanesa Insurance - May 16, 2016

We are here to help our policyholders affected by the Fort McMurray region wildfires recover from a loss involving their premises.

Our policies provide coverage for losses arising from “Prohibited Access” to a policyholder’s premises. In cases where a Civil Authority/Mass Evacuation Order prohibits access to the premises, such as the case that has arisen from the Fort McMurray wildfires, we insure Additional Living Expense and Fair Rental Value loss for a period not exceeding two weeks.

In order to assist our policyholders in the Fort McMurray region, Wawanesa Insurance will be extending the maximum time of coverage for Additional Living Expenses arising from “Prohibited Access” from the two-week time frame outlined in the Policy to 30 days. Policyholders will now be able to claim for Additional Living Expenses incurred during the period of time in which access to the premises is prohibited by Civil Authority/Mass Evacuation Order, subject to the new 30-day maximum. Coverage for Fair Rental Value loss will remain subject to the maximum two-week time frame outlined in the policy.

Additional Living Expenses include, but are not limited to, temporary accommodations, restaurant meals, kenneling costs for pets, laundry, extra mileage, etc. Policyholders must keep all original receipts for any of these types of expenses that may be incurred, in order to present as part of a claim.
Policyholders are not insured for any claim arising from evacuation resulting from losses excluded under Section I – Loss or Damage Not Insured.

No deductible applies to Prohibited Access coverage.

Rob Stevenson

Written by Rob Stevenson


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