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How Armour Insurance Measures Up

By Gina Schopfer on Mar 15, 2022 12:11:25 PM

When looking for insurance, your options can seem never-ending. One of the most common ways to determine how a company measures up is by checking out their online reviews, and the business' overall rating based on those reviews. Read on to see how Armour Insurance's rating compares to other insurance companies!

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1 min read

World Insurance Report 2015

By Rob Stevenson on Mar 2, 2015 2:09:00 PM

The 2015 World Insurance Report was released last week and customers are looking for better service. In a survey of 15,500 insurance customers from across the globe it was announced that less than 30% of customers are happy with the customer experience. Not surprisingly, 50% of customers rate digital and social media as an important way to communicate with their insurance broker or agent.

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