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ATV Insurance Basics - Why Do I Need ATV Insurance? What Does It Cover?

Sep 13, 2022 10:35:00 AM

ATV/quad sales in Alberta have spiked to incredibly high levels during a the COVID riddled year of 2021. There was a staggering 190% increase in quad sales from March 2021 to the previous years numbers. With so many extra units out there, it is important to know what kind of coverage you need for your ATV or quad in order to be compliant with Alberta regulations.

ATV Insurance

Why do I need ATV/Quad Insurance?

If you plan on only using your quad on your own private property, you do not need any type of insurance on your ATV or quad. However, if you are using your ATV or quad on any kind of public land, whether that is a road, public trail, national or provincial park, or any form of crown land, you will at very least  need 3rd party liability insurance. Failure to have liability insurance on your unit while driving on public land could result in the seizure of your ATV or quad.

Third party liability insurance is required in order to make sure that if you damage someone else’s property, or you unintentionally injure someone, that you are capable of paying the damages.

What Does ATV/Quad Insurance Cover?

While all ATV policies come with liability protection, you can also purchase comprehensive protection, accessory protections, and collision protection. Comprehensive protection will cover your ATV or quad if your unit is stolen or is in a fire. Accessory protection covers any attached items you have on your ATV. This could include a snow plow, winch, gun racks, cargo containers, and any number of other aftermarket products. When insuring an ATV or quad you must disclose any accessories that are attached. Collision protection covers the cost of your unit in the event of a collision.

Does it Matter Where I Store My Quad?

You can store your quad well wherever you see fit. Most storage facilities will request that you have at very least liability insurance. You do not need insurance on your quad if you plan on parking it in your own garage. It is important to note however that your home insurance will not cover your quad in the event of fire, theft, or other loss. In order to have your unit protected while it is stored, it needs to have insurance on it.

ATV Commercial Use

Can I use My ATV/Quad for Work?

Many professions in Alberta use quads as a part of their operations. In order to use a quad for work purposes it must have commercial insurance coverage. If you are using a quad for your work, you can add it to your fleet policy with relative ease. It is possible to have a stand alone commercial ATV policy, however they are more difficult to acquire.

Can I Have a Snow Plow on My ATV/Quad?

Yes, so long as you disclose the accessories on your quad, you are certainly allowed to have a plow on your quad. It should be noted that if you plan on plowing snow for someone in exchange for money, you will require a commercial policy on your ATV.

ATV With snow plow

What do I Need to Drive an ATV?

An Alberta class 5 drivers license is all the certification you need to legally drive an ATV. That being said, many operators choose to take ATV classes in order to learn how to properly handle and maneuver through different landscapes. ATV drivers and riders are required to wear helmets while on the vehicle. It is often a good idea to take a fire extinguisher with you while operating an ATV. Small engine fires or brush fires can get out of hand quickly on the trail, especially in the dry season.

Be Safe Out There!

ATV’s or quads are fantastic and versatile off road vehicles but they can be dangerous to operate. These machines can be heavy (600 pounds), powerful (69 foot pounds of torque), and incredibly fast (up to 105 km/h). Drive safe and take the proper precautions to make sure you or someone else doesn't get hurt. 

Jake McCoy

Written by Jake McCoy


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