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How We Protect Customer Data

Oct 2, 2020 4:07:36 PM

"Your privacy is important to us."  With the ever rising threat of cyber crime this is becoming a pretty common phrase. Many of the companies we do business with these days tell us our data is safe with them, but what does that actually mean? I can't speak for other companies, but here are a few things that Armour does to protect our customer data.

News of companies being crippled by Cryptolockers and large amounts of customer data being stolen seems to be an everyday occurrence right now. That's why protecting customer data takes so much more than just good intentions. This is why Armour Insurance has been building secure processes and technology for some time now. Here are some of the ways that we keep your data safe.

Secure Network and Canadian Data Centres

We've come a long way since the days of maintaining our own on-site data centre. Over the last few years we've been exploring options for storage and access of our data and have found that cloud systems are now fast enough and secure enough for us to consider off-site data storage. Moving our data to the Microsoft's data centres has strengthened our security by putting it in the hands of security experts with advanced tools like early threat detection and immediate security patches. Our data transfers from the cloud and between offices are all protected by top of the firewalls. These tools give us the capability to detect intruders before they can do damage. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Even with the highest network security, organizations can fall prey to phishing attacks and Dark Web data leaks that expose our passwords. To ensure that cyber criminals cannot access our data through the use of compromised passwords we've enlisted the help of multi-factor authentication. This means that access to our network, email and documents must be granted by multiple devices. If an unauthorized person attempts to login they are blocked and the owner of that account is notified immediately via their mobile device. 

Anti-virus Software

A computer virus distributed through an email, compromised website or even a usb stick could cause chaos on any network. That's why we use a multi tiered approach to preventing this. We prevent these viruses from getting on our systems in the first place with advanced monitoring software. Even if a virus was to make it by this first step, our sophisticated anti-virus solution stops malicious software in it's tracks. It is also monitored in real time by our MSP, Keeran Networks, allowing them to respond quickly and prevent damage.

Recovery Plan

Even with all of these precautions in place we understand there is still a chance that we could be hit by a cyber attack. We have developed a robust recovery plan to ensure this does not keep us from serving our clients for long. With Armour Insurance's recovery plan in place we can be back up and running within the hour.

Employee Training

Everyone plays a role in cyber security at Armour. We believe in educating our staff and providing them the tools to identify threats. We involve our staff in security training programs and spot check using an automated security awareness tool called KnowB4 to help us identify coaching opportunities.

Cyber Insurance

We believe in our products and with Cyber Insurance it just doesn't make sense to go without. We have a robust Cyber Insurance policy that will assist with recovery efforts and put us back to where we were in case of a cyber disaster. You can learn more about our commercial cyber insurance product here

As an insurance broker, it is our duty to protect our customers and we believe that this includes  protecting their privacy. Cyber crime is a real threat to any organization and I feel like our customers rest just a little bit easier knowing that we've put the time and effort in to protect them the best we can.

Rob Stevenson

Written by Rob Stevenson


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