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Cyber Insurance

Cyber threat is the single fastest growing area of concern for Canadian Businesses of all sizes. Protect your business from the hidden threat of cyber crime today.

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How do you protect yourself from this looming threat? Let us help you identify your risks and provide you with the Cyber Insurance Policy to fit your needs.

There are many precautions that Canadian organizations can and do take to prevent such attacks from occurring but these types of threats are nearly impossible to protect from completely. Businesses often don't know there has been a cyber attack until the damage is done - the private data has already been stolen, systems have been compromised / locked down or an extortion letter has been received.


The damage can be caused by any number of sources. The most dangerous and costly breaches are caused by malicious attacks carried out by large hacker organizations. They're organized, virtually undetectible, the most damaging and costly to resolve. Other breaches may be inadvertantly caused by lost or stolen computers, laptops, flashdrives or smartphones. Here are the top two things that you can do to start protecting yourself today:

  1. Know your data systems, network and what types of client information you're storing.
  2. Contact us to put a plan in place to protect your assets before you encounter a breach. 

That's why at Armour Insurance we train our brokers to be able to identify your areas of risk and arm them with the best cyber insurance product available in Canada

Give us a call today to find out where you might be at risk and how we can protect your business from a devastating cyber attack.

Cyber Coverages

Stand alone Cyber Insurance policies are generally divided into two coverage types:
  • Cyber Expense Coverage
  • Third Party Cyber Coverage

Learn more about what these coverages do to protect your business. 


Free Online Cyber Assessment

Cyberscore.ca is an award winning online cyber risk assessment tool developed by Armour Insurance. Take 5 minutes and get your free, easy to understand assessment that you can use to spark internal discussion about areas that your organization may be vulnerable.

Cyber Score Calculator


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