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How Your Insurance Company is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 22, 2020 3:43:34 PM

As an insurance broker, Armour acts as the representative for our clients to their respective insurance companies. We partner with a number of major Canadian insurers to serve our customers in their need for both personal and commercial insurance. These companies are independent from each other and may have different methods for accommodating our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please find information on how Alberta's top insurance companies are responding below.

insurance-company-response-to-covidPlease note: As things change quickly, this information may not be the most recent available. Please visit the company websites listed below for the most up to date information. 

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is operating at full capacity with 98% of employees are working at home. They are not accepting walk-ins but encourage customers to call or log into Intact Client Centre. They are currently offering the following relief measures available for customers who are experiencing financial hardships:
  • Providing auto insurance premium adjustments for those who are driving less or not driving at all. Find out if you qualify here.
    • Premium reduction of 15%, on average, for three months when customers update their personal driving habits through their broker or by filling out this simple online form. This premium reduction reflects the change in kilometres driven in a year.
    • Premium reduction of 75% per month, on average, when customers park and safely store their vehicle and until they start driving it again. By making this arrangement, you agree to not drive your car. To make this change, customers must contact their broker.
  • Waiving of missed payment fees
  • Payment deferrals
  • Premium adjustments for those who are ill or have lost their jobs to reflect changes in personal and commercial automobile usage including temporary kilometre reductions and temporary storage of vehicles
  • Providing flexibility for those who are using their cars and homes during the crisis for different purposes like making deliveries and running a business from home
  • Premium adjustments for small and medium sized business customers that are now closed or have been severely impacted from a sales receipts and payroll perspective

Please reach out to Intact Insurance or your insurance broker if you would like to discuss any of these. 

Customer Service and Claims: 1-866-464-2424

Please see the companies website for up to date and complete information:


Aviva continues to maintain service levels to their brokers and customers after successfully transitioning 97% of their employees to a work from home environment. Your Aviva policy information can be accessed by logging in to Armour Mobile or by calling in. To assist with the uncertainty their customers are experiencing, they currently have the following relief measures in place: 

  • Offering temporary premium adjustments for customers who are driving their vehicle less.
  • temporarily suspending policy terminations for non-payment of premium
  • temporarily suspending fees due to non-sufficient funds
  • working with customers who are currently facing policy termination in order to defer payments during this time
  • Stopped inspections for personal and business insurance that require face to face contact
  • stopping the issuance of notices of cancellation for non-payment for our personal property and personal auto insurance customers

Please reach out to Aviva or your broker to discuss your options:

Customer Service: 1-800-387-4518   |  Claims: 1-866-692-8482

Please see the companies website for up to date and complete information:


Travelers has robust business continuity plans in place to provide exceptional, uninterrupted service while helping their customers and employees stay safe. Your Travelers policy information can be accessed by logging in to Armour Mobile or by calling in. Travelers has implemented the following measure to help their customers who are in need:

  • adjusted their inspection process by leveraging their extensive inventory of virtual tools and taking extra precautions if an in-person inspection is needed
  • they are committed to helping customers who have been financially affected by the actions being taken to reduce the spread of the virus. They will work with customers on an individual basis:

Please contact Travelers or your or your broker to work through the situation together.

Customer Service: 1.800.268.4543   |   Claims:  1.800.661.5522 or visit their Claims Centre

Please see the companies website for up to date and complete information:

Economical Insurance

Economical's offices remain open to allow people access to equipment and files that they need, but the majority of their staff are working from home at full capacity.  Your Economical policy information can be accessed by logging in to Armour Mobile or by calling in. Economical has adjusted their policies to 

Customer Service: 1-800-607-2424

Please see the companies website for up to date and complete information:

SGI Canada

The majority of SGI employees are now working from home at normal capacities. They are still able to meet customer need through their service, new business and claims teams. Where a state of emergency has been declared, there will be no cancellation of policies for SGI CANADA personal and commercial property customers, if your policy expires during the emergency situation or due to non-payments during the emergency situation, for a period of up to 30 days past the end of the emergency situation. However, in no event will the extension be more than 120 days in total, following the expiry or termination of your policy.

Claims: 780-822-1228 or 1-877-435-1484

Please see the companies website for up to date and complete information:

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

The SMI office is physically closed to the public and most employees are now working from home. All SMI business operations continue uninterrupted. While a state of emergency exists in our province SMI will continue to protect policyholders who are finding it difficult to make their next payment or unable to renew their expiring insurance coverage.  SMI will be holding policy coverage until government officials declare an end to the state of emergency for the lessor of:   30 days after notice of the state of emergency ending; OR a maximum of 120 consecutive days from March 16, 2020.

Customer Service: 1-800-667-3067

Please see the companies website for up to date and complete information:

Your Insurance Broker? 

As for your trusty insurance broker, Armour Insurance, we're still fully operational and capable of serving customers and new business requests as well. We have temporarily closed our offices to outside visitors, and 95% of our staff has successfully transitioned to working from home. We are conducting business as usual, just from a new environment. We even have staff socials on Zoom every Friday afternoon. If you'd like to learn more about what Armour is doing to keep our service levels up you can read about it here

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