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How One Call Saved Me Money on My Phone Plan: How You Can Benefit Too

Mar 10, 2023 9:09:00 AM

On Saturday afternoon I was relaxing on my couch with my girlfriend watching some of the afternoon hockey games. We kept getting the same couple of ads for new cellphones, which I should indicate came at a rather timely moment. Our phone contract ended in January of this year and I hadn't gotten around to really looking for what kind of new phone I might want next. 

Not that my old cellphone was unusable, more that it was starting to slow down and wasn't performing quite how I wanted it to. It felt like a good time for an upgrade. So I called up my mobile services provider to ask about maybe getting us set up with some new phones. A few months ago I had a bit of an unpleasant interaction with my mobile and home services provider which left me feeling a little defeated. 


After calling my existing provider and finding out they had a one hour or more wait time, I wasn't really interested in waiting on hold for that long. I had heard good things from a friend about the sales person at another one of the major mobile service providers. I gave my friend a quick call to see if they had a referral program at this provider so that he might get some rewards for putting in a good word with me. Alas they didn't have any referral rewards, but I figured it was still worth giving them a call. 

After getting into contact with the salesperson I was happy to get through to an actual human being right away. The sales guy got some basic information from me about my current plan and what I was looking for. Then he asked me if I was a student in college. I jokingly said that my girlfriend spends a lot of time in schools as a teacher, but no, neither of us were students. 

He chuckled a little bit and said that that might actually be even better. I was a little confused and naturally felt the need probe a little further. He informed me that they have group discounts through certain school districts and that we might be able to qualify for one of those discounts. I was of course very happy to hear this. 

For some background, my partner is a substitute teacher for smaller school division outside of Edmonton, so I was fairly certain that she wouldn't qualify for any discounts. Never the less, we gave him her staff email and some information about the district. Low and behold, a part time substitute teacher qualified for the group discount. 

We gave the salesman a little bit more information and before we knew it, he had gotten us setup with a new a plan. Two brand new cell phones in the model we were looking for! The cost? Even with the financing on 2 brand new cell phones, our phone plan came out $5 cheaper on a monthly basis than it was with our previous provider. I was very pleased with the results. Now you might be asking yourself, okay, that's cool and all, but what on earth does it have to do with an insurance? 

Well I'm so glad you asked. Even if you didn't ask, you should still keep reading. 

Keep going!

Armour Group Programs

At Armour Insurance, we offer group programs through our partner company Economical Insurance. What does being part of a group mean for your insurance? Well, you are entitled to special discounts for being a part of that group. 

What kind of groups does Armour offer discounts to? 

Armour has group discounts available for certain employers, types of jobs, educational backgrounds, and professional affiliations. here are some examples of each:

Armour Nurse Group

If you're a nurse in Alberta, you may be eligible for a 15% discount on auto insurance and a 15% discount on property insurance. Property insurance can be for home insurance or tenant insurance depending on your living situation. We do also have discounts available for Saskatchewan nurses, but with the government insurance in Saskatchewan, we can only offer a discount on property insurance as auto insurance runs through the government. 

Armour Alumni/Graduate Program

Did you graduate from an Alberta university? Well you might be able to get some great discounts on your property and auto insurance. Discounts of 25% of auto insurance and 15% on property insurance may be available to you. This program is only available to graduates from Alberta universities, some examples include: University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Athabasca University, MacEwan University, and many others. 

City of Edmonton Employees

If you work for the City of Edmonton you may qualify for discounts. 25% off auto insurance and 10% off property insurance. Regardless of your seniority or position with the city, you can get a policy with Armour Insurance. This applies to librarians, bus drivers, city councillors, police officers, fire fighters, and much more. If you're a City of Edmonton employee, you could be saving big. 

Westend Seniors Activity Centre (WSAC)

The members of WSAC are able to leverage their memberships to gain access to insurance discounts. With discounts of 10% on auto insurance and 15% on property insurance there are some tidy savings to be had.

Even more!

Armour Insurance has even more groups outside of the ones listed above. Even if you don't qualify for one of the previously listed groups, you might qualify for a different group. Checkout some of the opportunities or you can even setup your own group to start getting discounts. 

What if I qualify for 2+ different group discounts?

We get this question all the time. If you're an Alberta Nurse that also graduated from an Alberta university, you might be worried that you won't qualify for the better discounts. At Armour, we do whatever is in your best interest. If you're going to save more with the graduate discount than with nurses, we'll put you on the graduate plan. 

Do group discounts extend to my family? 

Absolutely they do! You and your immediate family qualify for group discounts. Just as I benefitted from having a life partner with a teacher discount, the members of your household can also benefit from your group discount. These discounts also apply if you're a retired member of one of our groups. 

If you'd like to to see if you're eligible for group discounts, why not give us a call? Our brokers would love to give you a quote. 

Call us 587-689-5661 

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