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Aviva Home Insurance
Enhancements & Endorsements

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Disappearing Deductible

This endorsement reduces your deductible by 20% of the original deductible amount for each consecutive year you have remained claims free, or where there is no claim opened in the policy term pending settlement. In the event of a claim being paid, the reduced deductible reverts back to the original deductible amount as stated on the Certificate of Property Insurance at renewal date.

Claim Protector

This endorsement protects your claims free discount following the first property loss being paid or an open claim pending settlement provided there has been continuous insurance for the past 3 years and there have been no claims paid, open or pending in the past 3 years.

Identity Theft Expense Endorsement

This endorsement provides reimbursement for expenses incurred as the result of Identity Theft. This includes loan re-application fees, reasonable legal counsel fees, notarizing of affidavits and lost wages as a result of time missed to meet with legal counselors and similar authorities.

Sewer Back-up Form

This form extends coverage to insure against direct loss or damage caused by the backing up or escape of water from a sewer or drain, sump or septic tank, eavestrough or downspout.

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