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Business Insurance Packages

Armour can offer the following coverages on your package policy



Loss of Income Interruption 

For up to 12 months past the date of direct physical loss or damage, regardless of when repairs are completed. Caused by an interruption in your business or the untenantability of your premises resulting from a Covered Cause of Loss. This Policy also covers those expenses you incur to resume normal business operations after the loss

Crime Coverage

To protect your money and securities, money orders, counterfeit paper currency, forgery and alteration exposures, and employee dishonesty. Money and securities limits can be negotiated to increased by 25% to provide for seasonal fluctuations.

Business Liability

To cover you for bodily injury and property damage claims arising out of your operations. If you are a tenant the policy also covers your tenant's legal liability for damage caused by a Covered Cause of Loss to premises that you rent.

Professional Liability

In addition to business liability we can also cover your professional liability if your business is a drug store, barber shop, beauty parlor, funeral parlor, hearing aid establishment, or veterinarian.

Automatic Fire Protection System Research Expense

To cover the cost of recharging your automatic fire suppression system if the discharge was caused by a Covered Cause of Loss. If the discharge occurred accidentally, cover is available up to $5,000 in expenses to recharge your system.

Blanket Glass

To cover loss or damage to your building glass including lettering or ornamentation and encasing frames.

Consequential Loss

To cover your Business Contents damaged by freezing, dampness or dryness of atmosphere, or changes or extremes in temperature if the loss results from the building or equipment in the building having been damaged by a Covered Cause of Loss.

Cost of Preparing Proof of Loss

Coverage Limit varies by company for reasonable costs incurred by you in preparing the proof of your loss or any other exhibits required by this policy.

Damage to Buildings by Theft

If you are a tenant and liable, damage to the building you occupy resulting from theft or attempted theft is insured.

Debris Removal

Coverage Limit varies by company to cover reasonable costs incurred by you in removing debris caused by a Covered Cause of Loss.

Fire Department Charges

Coverage Limit varies by company to cover your liability for fire department service charges when the fire department is called to protect covered property from a Covered Cause of Loss.

Increased Repair Costs

Coverage Limit varies by company up to 25% of Building coverage for increased repair costs due to the enforcement of building codes and by-laws if your building is damaged by a Covered Cause of Loss.

Inflation Protection

The amount of insurance on Buildings is automatically increased to provide for inflation.

Newly Acquired Property

Coverage Limit varies by company up to 25% of Building coverage, not exceeding $250,000 on new buildings, and Coverage Limit varies by company up to 10% of Business Contents coverage, not exceeding $100,000 on business contents, at newly acquired locations.

Outdoor Signs

Covered, if attached to the building and the sign is damaged by a Covered Cause of Loss.

Peak Season Increase

The amount of insurance on Business Contents is automatically increased by up to 25% Coverage Limit varies by company  to provide for seasonal variations.

Personal Effects and Property of Others

Which is not already insured, for up to $2,500  Coverage Limit varies by company at each described premises.

Pollution Clean Up and Removal

Coverage Limit and availability varies by company for your expense to extract pollutants from land or water at the described premises resulting from a Covered Cause of Loss.

Property - Off Premises

Coverage Limit varies by company and may be applied to Building and Business Contents (other than money and securities) temporarily away from your premises.

Removal of Insured Property

From your premises to protect it from loss or damage.

Replacement Cost

Both Buildings and Business Contents are insured for the cost of repairing or replacing without deduction for depreciation.

Retailer's Product Impairment

If you are a retailer, we will reimburse you up to $Coverage Limit varies by company per recall for lost profits due to a product recall.

Tear Out

We will pay the cost to tear out any part of the insured building if necessary to repair damage caused by covered water, liquid, powder or molten material damage.

Trees, Shrubs, and Plants 

Varies by company per tree, shrub or plant to a maximum of varies per occurrence for coverage against loss by fire, lightning, explosion, impact by aircraft, spacecraft or land vehicle, riot or civil commotion, vandalism or malicious acts.

Valuable Papers

Limit varies by company, coverage may be applied to the cost of research and other expenses incurred by you to reproduce books of account and other records damaged by a Covered Cause of Loss.

Broad Form Completed Operations

Which amends the "your work" liability exclusion so it only applies to that particular part of your work out of which the damage arises.

Employees as Insureds

For bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of their duties.

Employers Liability

For bodily injury claims by employees not covered under Workers' Compensation.

Medical Payments

If bodily injury occurs on your premises, on the ways next to your premises, or as a result of your operations, we will pay up to $5,000 to cover necessary medical expenses, whether you are liable or not.

Non-Owned and Hired Automobile Liability

For claims arising out of the use of non-owned vehicles for your business.

Occurrence Basis Liability

For injuries due to unexpected or unintended happenings during the policy period.

Personal and Advertising Injury

For claims arising out of libel and slander, false arrest, wrongful eviction, infringement of copyright.