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Thank-you for Allowing us to Keep in Touch

Thank you! 

We appreciate the opportunity to continue staying in touch with you from time to time. You can always unsubscribe from our email by clicking on the "Email Preferences" link in any of the emails we send you. 

We care about your privacy and your time. Protecting your information is as paramount to us as is sending you only relevant useful information. 

If you'd like more information please view our privacy policy here.


We have a strict no spam policy at Armour Insurance. Our goal is to only send communications that are helpful and informative to our clients. We do buy email lists and do not send email to anyone who hasn't initiated contact with Armour in some form and we do not share your information.

Canadian Anti-spam Legislation (CASL)

Armour Insurance goes to great measures to ensure that electronic communications sent from our offices are in strict compliance with the CASL. Some of the things we do to ensure we maintain compliance with this complex law are as follows. 

Educate Staff

It is important that our staff know the rules around the CASL. We hold in office sessions to ensure that everyone has a great understanding of how to send CEM's (commercial electronic messages) safely and effectively.

Keep Accurate Records

A large part of the CASL is changing the manner in which we keep records on recipients of our communications. To work within the CASL guidlines, we must now accurately track information on when we first contact individuals and when we received implied or express consent to communicate with them.

Provide Information

All electronic messages sent from Armour include real contact information for a real person. If users have questions about communications they can simply contact our Privacy Commissioner using the information provided. 

Provide Unsubscription Methods

We ensure that we provide recipients of commercial electronic messages from Armour with a clear and effective way to opt out of receiving these messages. All automated messages from Armour have an unsubscribe link and email management link at the bottom of the email. Users can unsubscribe using these links or by simply calling us and asking to be taken off of the mailing list.