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Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O Insurance) is liability insurance for the directors and officers of a corporation or board. It provdies them with the financial protection against claims from the board's or corporation's activities. 


These individuals, whether paid or working as a volunteer, are held liable for actions of a fiduciary nature. These actions could be a breach of duty, a misstatement, error or omission in your capacity as a director of officer of the corporation or board. If the claim is due to a wrongful act or negligence then it has to be perceived as deliberate. Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies exclude any claims of this nature.

Your company should have separate D&O Insurance if you have directors, officers, or a board. 


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"Directors of not-for-profit corporations are, like the organizations they serve, a diverse lot. Perhaps the two characteristics they are all most likely to share are that they are well-intentioned and time-pressed. This book was created with both these factors in mind. We have attempted to prepare a text that will help directors do a good job, as well as protect themselves from potential claims arising from their actions or decisions. We have also attempted to do so in a friendly fashion that does not require prolonged study, but highlights the essentials of what you need to know."

From the Insurance Bureau of Canada Website

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