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Economical Car Insurance Enhancements and Endorsements

S.E.F No. 20 – Loss of Use Endorsement

This endorsement offers you reimbursement in the form of a rental vehicle (including taxicabs or public transportation), in the event that yours is not drivable due to an insurable loss. Only vehicles that have full coverage qualify for this endorsement.

S.E.F No. 27 – Legal Liability for Damage to Non-owned Autos

The S.E.F. 27, when added to your automobile insurance policy, extends the physical damage coverage you currently carry on your personal vehicle, to a rental vehicle when you are away on vacation or business. You are covered for the actual cash value of the rental vehicle with the same physical damage deductibles that you carry on your personal vehicle.

S.E.F No. 39 – Accident Rating Waiver Endorsement

This endorsement will protect your driving record from being reduced as a result of an at fault accident. This applies to the first at fault accident only.

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