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Economical Home Insurance - Property Enhancement Endorsements

Water Escape/Sewer Backup Extension Endorsement

If “Water Escape/Sewer Backup Extension Endorsement” is shown for an insured location on the Policy “Declaration Page”, it is agreed that Section 1 – Property Coverages of the underlying policy form applicable to that insured location is extended to include direct loss or damage caused by rupture of or escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump or septic tank.

We do not insure seepage or leakage of water at or below the surface of the ground including through driveways, sidewalks, foundations or other floors or through doors, windows or any other openings.

Identity Theft Endorsement

This endorsement will cover the cost of restoring your identity following an act of Identity Fraud. These costs include lost income, loan re-application fees, cost of notarizing affidavits and other legal fees.

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