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Travel Insurance FAQ

Travel insurance protects you in the case of medical and family emergencies, delays, theft and the last-minute plan changes that can happen anytime, anywhere, whether you travel frequently or occasionally.

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What are the benefits of all-inclusive travel insurance?

The All Inclusive includes:

  • Trip Cancellation,
  • Trip Interruption,
  • Emergency Medical,
  • Baggage and
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

No medical questionnaire including for those over 60.
Let us know what each person paid for the trip to provide a quote

There is pre-existing condition stability periods on the Emergency Medical and the Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption benefit.

When should I buy travel medical insurance

The best time to purchase travel insurance is before leaving on your trip.

If you're visiting Canada and would like to purchase travel insurance, you can do so any time before or during your trip.

What is the maximum number of days I can buy travel insurance for?

You can purchase travel insurance for trips of 182 days or less (212 days or less if you are an Ontario resident). If you need to purchase insurance for a longer period of time, please contact our Travel Insurance provider Tugo at 1 800 663-5389, or through their website. If I get sick or injured while traveling, won't my provincial health plan pay for the medical expenses?

No. Your home province/territory health insurance plan does not fully cover you when traveling out-of-province or out-of-country. Outside of Canada, it covers less than 7% of the total cost if you get injured or sick. Expenses such as ambulance services, emergency dental treatment and prescription drug costs are often not covered by provincial health insurance plans.

Without travel insurance, a broken arm or even something as basic as the flu could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

My contact information/trip details have changed, or are incorrect, who should I notify?

If your contact or trip information is incorrect, it could affect potential claims. To update, please contact our Travel Insurance provider Tugo at 1 800 663-5389, or through their website.

Can I cancel a policy? 

Most plans can be canceled before or on the effective date found on your policy declaration page. Any changes after the effective date may result in a reduction of your refund.

To cancel a policy or for more information, please contact our Travel Insurance provider Tugo at 1 800 663-5389, or through their website.

What's the maximum amount of travel insurance coverage?


Can the plan provide coverage for trip cancellation or reimbursement if I need to return early due to a family emergency?

Trip cancellation, Package Plans or Trip Interruption plans are all available without purchase restrictions.

Will the plan cover family member if they are not traveling with the covered employee?

Same coverage exists for immediate family members.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

With Global 24 - hour toll free numbers, assistance is only a phone call away.

I'm taking more than one trip this year - what's  the best policy?

  • An annual plan may be more economical.
  • You don't reapply for each trip

Online you can compare single trip quote to a Multi trip annual plan (or we can do it for you).

Credit Card coverage may not provide you coverage for your entire trip. We can provide a 'top up' policy that starts the day after your other policy expires. All we need is the information about your other plan.

What else does travel insurance cover besides medical emergencies?

If you are continuously employed with the same employer for at least one year, Job Loss is covered. An annual Trip Cancellation policy costs as little as $20.

Don't want Trip Cancellation Insurance? How about Interruption only. If a family member becomes ill and you have to get home in a hurry to be with them Trip Interruption insurance will cover the flight home.

What if I work outside of Alberta?

With an annual Trip Cancellation/Interruption Policy you have the aggregate coverage every time you leave for your rotation.

When should I buy trip cancellation insurance?

If buying Trip Cancellation coverage purchase as soon as your trip is booked and deposit paid. By waiting an unexpected event may happen that will not be covered. There are no financial benefits to waiting.

Will the plan coordinate payment with Provincial medical or pay the hospital directly?

Provincial medical plans often have an extensive process for reimbursement - we handle all the paperwork, coordinate reimbursement and pay hospital bills directly.

Are you covered if you para-sail, suba-dive, bungee jump while on vacation?

All covered except if injured while scuba diving when not certified, any motorized speed contest or while playing as a professional athlete.

Will I be penalized if you don't cal the claims company right after emergency or prior to visiting hospital?

No penalty or co-insurance for non-notification

Does the plan arrange and pay for someone to stay with them if they are hospitalized during a trip?

We arrange to have a family member with the insured during hospitalization and pay for transportation plus other incurred costs beyond transport at $150 per day.

Have you read your 'Insurance Certificate and do you know where it is?

Every policy comes with a detailed travel policy booklet.

Do you know if you are covered for a pre-existing condition and is it based on age?

59 years and under: Trips under 35 days = 7 days stability; trips over 35 days = 90 days stability
60-74 year: Any trip = 180 days stability
75-89 years: Any trip = 365 days stability

Great experience. Called in, didn't have to wait, and spoke to a human very quickly. In addition, the process of getting a CGL insurance quote was quick and painless. Travis was knowledgeable and I would highly recommend.
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