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Wawanesa Car Insurance Quote

We offer online quoting because it's a convenient way for you to know what rates you can expect to pay for your car insurance.

Start your car insurance quote below - We'll comapre your quote with Canada's Top Insurance Providers and you pick the BEST price.

No two insurance quotes are the same. Often, when our brokers review a customers quote, they find ways that you could be saving money or be better covered for your needs.

Please enter your details and submit to form above to comapre prices of six insurance companies. HINT: Use Promo Code TIMSURANCE and we'll reward your efforts with a $10 coffee card (restrictions apply)

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Umbrella Car Insurance Coverage

Armour Insurance Group recommends $2,000,000 liability limits on your car & auto insurance and many insurers are opting for a personal umbrella option that increases limits up to $5,000,000 on Automobile and Personal Property. This coverage pays for injury to others and damage to their property.