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We Believe that Good Service Gets Noticed

Commercial Referral Reward Program

At Armour Insurance we value the relationships we have with our clients. We do our best to make sure you have the best service possible. But we know that not everyone get's such great service...

If you know someone who is looking for insurance for their business and appreciates spectacular service, refer them to Armour Insurance! If they sign up for a new policy we'll send you rewards.


How Does The Program Work?

Our referral rewards are based on how big of an account you refer to Armour Insurance. The larger the account, the larger the rewards.

If you are a client of Armour Insurance, you can receive rewards for referring commercial clients. It does not matter what kind of policy you have, so long as you have an active policy. 

In order to maintain confidentiality for our clients, we will not disclose the size of the referred accounts. 



How big are the rewards? 

Rewards start at $25 for a referral and go all the way up to $500!

Commercial Referral Program with Armour Insurance Group

Temporary insurance such as COC, crop, or trade credit insurance will receive a $50 flat rate referral bonus.


There are a few qualifiers that must be met to earn a referral reward. Here is what they are:

  • The client mentions you by name when asked about where they found Armour
  • The referred client signs up for  a new commercial insurance policy
  • At least one payment is made on the policy
  • The policy has a one year term 

Commercial Referral Program FAQ's

Here are some quick facts about how to use the Armour referral program!