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How to Save On Insurance

Saving money on your insurance starts with having a good broker to talk to. Our brokers are trained to find you the best value for your money. 

What Kind of Insurance Savings Our Customers are Seeing

Our customers are seeing some amazing savings on their insurance when they switch from other insurance providers in Alberta.

Read Our Customer's Insurance Savings Stories



"I've had my insurance with State Farm for my entire driving career. I switched to Armour Insurance last month and am now saving $400 per year on home insurance, and $50 per month on my car insurance. That's $1,000 that I've been trowing away every year that I was with my other insurance broker!!" - Edmonton, Alberta

"Thank you Jackie, this is why I continue to use Armour Insurance for the excellent customer service and will be looking forward to many more years of excellent customer service in the future, thank you again have a wonderful day. Please feel free to pass this on to other agents and co-workers with Armour Insurance as i have always had great service from this office." - Edmonton, Alberta


"I just switched my car insurance from Cooperator's to Armour insurance and I'm saving $500 per year on my premium!" - Lethbridge, Alberta


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