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Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation Lowers Home Insurance Rates for Sherwood Park Acreages

May 3, 2013 3:10:00 PM

strathcona county acreage insurance reductionHome insurance rates for Strathcona County acreages have dramatically dropped due to a new accreditation and increased fire safety in the area. Read on to see if you qualify for this money saving opportunity.

What has changed? 

Strathcona County Emergency Services has been accredited to deliver Superior tanker shuttle service to a number of acreages and neighborhoods surrounding Sherwood Park and Ardrossan. This verifies that emergency responders can extinguish a fire at a faster rate in these communities, which means that some insurance providers have identified these areas as a much lower risk than they were previously.

What does this mean to me?

  1. Increased safety for your family, your investment and your neighbours.
  2. A switch from Semi-Protected to Protected Rates. We've already seen savings of 40% and more with this switch.

Your current insurance policy will not update automatically.

This significant price decrease can only be obtained through a quick reassessment of your home insurance policy.

Not all Insurers are Providing this Discounted rate.

Armour Insurance has been in talks with a number of providers in the area and ther are only a select few that are now providing these reduced rates. Armour has just been approved by Canada's largest insurer, Intact Insurance, to give you these protected rates.

Call our Sherwood Park Office to get reassessed and
paired with a provider offering protected rates in your area: 780-417-2848

What Neighbourhoods Qualify for the Sherwood Park / Strathcona County Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation?

This accreditation can apply to a detached home, with no other detached structures in close proximity, located within 8 km by road of the fire station, that are within 5 km by road of an approved water supply.

The following accredited fire stations situated in Strathcona County are:

  • #1 Sherwood Park (Sherwood Park Drive)
  • #3 Ardrossan
  • #5 Sherwood Park (Clover Bar Road). 
Strathcona County has Identified the Following Neighbourhoods as lying within the Accredited Area. If your neighbourhood is on the list below, call our Sherwood Park office today! 780-417-2848
  • Adam Lily Acres
  • Akenside
  • Ardmoor
  • Aspen Heights
  • Aspen Wood Estates
  • Bailey's Subdivision
  • Ball Meadows
  • Barry Hill
  • Beaver Brook Estates
  • Boag Lake Estates
  • Busenius Estates (North)
  • Campbelltown Heights
  • Carriage Lane
  • Chrenek Acres (South)
  • Chrenek Estates
  • Colchester Lane
  • Colonel Younger Estates
  • Country Club Estates
  • Daly Drive
  • Deer Mountain
  • Dowling Estates
  • Easton Acres
  • Executive Estates
  • Garden Heights
  • Gillis Estates
  • Graham Heights
  • Greenbrae
  • Habitat Acres
  • Haverhill Estates
  • High Ridge Place
  • Hillsdale
  • Holland's Drive
  • Horton Place
  • Hunter Heights
  • Hunters Hill
  • Ithacan Drive
  • Keystone Ridge
  • Lakeview Estates
  • Lark Hill Farms
  • Laurina Estates
  • Lindale Park
  • Lorrelind Estates
  • Lynley Ridge
  • Meadowlark Hills
  • Oldman Creek Estates
  • Ordze Park
  • Poplar Lake Estates
  • Queensdale Place
  • Queensdale Place (South)
  • Ranchlands
  • Reno Ville
  • Roseburn Estates
  • Rosecliff
  • Rosswood Estates
  • Royal Gardens
  • Sconadale
  • Sconaglen and Park Estates
  • Scot Haven
  • Shadow Ridge
  • Sherwood Hills Estates
  • Sherwood Place
  • Sherwood Place Phase II
  • Sun Hill Estates
  • Valley Point (North)
  • Valley Point (South)
  • Victorian Park Estates
  • Waterton Estates
  • Whitecroft (East)
  • Whitecroft (West)
  • Windsor Estates
  • Winfield Heights
  • Wye Road Gardens
  • Wyecliff
If you live in one of these neighbourhoods, you may qualify for a significant reduction in your home insurance premiums. Contact our Sherwood Park office and let’s find out how much money you stand to save!

Call Armour Insurance Sherwood Park Today

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