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EPCOR Letter May Have Some Residents Paying Twice for Water Service Line Insurance

Jan 30, 2017 3:54:16 PM


During a recent trip to the mail box many Edmontonians found a letter from EPCOR about water service line insurance.

The letter encourages homeowners to read the enclosed material about the company’s utility service line insurance. It goes on to explain that you may not be covered for utility line repairs on your property and introduces the option of purchasing insurance from HomeServe.

What this letter does not state is that many of us may already have this coverage. And if we don’t, we may be able to get it from our current issuer for less. Many Canadian insurance providers include this type of coverage in home insurance policies – making it unnecessary for homeowners to buy additional coverage.

Homeowners Water Service Line Insurance

The letter is headed with “Important Information for Edmonton Homeowners” and encourages Edmontonians to consider purchasing Homeowners Water Service Line Insurance from a US insurance provider HomeServe, for $5.99 a month.

It suggests that a homeowner’s basis home insurance policy does not typically cover this type of insurance, but this isn’t always the case.

You May Already be Covered

Hold on. Before calling EPCOR or HomeServe about utility service line insurance call your current insurance provider. You may already be covered!

In fact, many Alberta insurance providers do include coverage for service line repairs in a homeowner’s standard home insurance policy. Before calling EPCOR or HomeServe check your insurance policy to see if you are already covered and what exactly you are covered for.

Check with Your Insurance Provider First

Many insurance providers that Armour partners with already include this type of coverage in home insurance policies. When you are quoted on your insurance, the price often also includes coverage for service lines.

Unsure if you’re covered? Call your insurance provider to find out.

Insurance Provider



  Enhanced Water Damage Package


  $10,000 coverage


  Repair or replace exterior water and sewer lines   due to loss resulting from a leak, break, tear,         rupture or collapse of the line.


  Waterwise Endorsement


  $15,000 coverage


  Coverage of damage caused by leaks, breaks,       tears, ruptures, or collapse of your service lines,   including related landscaping damage.


  Service Line Coverage


  $10,000 coverage


  Coverage for direct physical damage to a               Covered Service Line. Includes underground         piping and wiring, permanent connections,             valves or attached devices on your property.


  Covered Service Lines


  $10,000 coverage


  Coverage for service lines - exterior underground   piping and wiring, including permanent                   connections, valves or attached devices                 providing one of the following services to your       premises.


Does this sound familiar? 

In 2012, EPCOR customers received a similar letter in their mail box encouraging them to purchase exterior water service line insurance – also with HomeServe.

Utility insurance raises questions for residents

What Should You Do?

If you receive a letter encouraging you to purchase any type of insurance, contact your insurance provider. They will be able to tell you if you are already covered and if this additional insurance is something that you even require.

If you have any questions about utility lines repair insurance or any other type of insurance call Armour at 1-855-475-0959, visit us online, or stop in to one of our locations. One of our brokers would be happy to help!


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