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Why Use Premium Gas?

Posted by Rob Stevenson on Jul 27, 2018 11:02:51 AM

premiumgasAt my local gas station this morning, regular gas was selling for $1.24/L and premium was 14¢ more expensive at $1.36/L. That's a whopping $8.40 difference if I were to fill my 60L tank. Not as much as I expected actually, but I will be putting regular gas in my car anyways. So why spend the extra $8?

It's all about Timing

The gasoline in you pump into your car is pushed into the combustion chambers in your engine and ignited. This process happens over and over again at high speed to make the pistons move and the engine spin. The key to having a smooth running engine is igniting the fuel at the right time. Some higher combustion engines can run at different temperatures and cause certain gasses to ignite too early, This causes knocking in your engine and knocking can lead to eventual engine damage.

Octane Levels

I'm sure you've noticed that regular gas usually has a by number 87 on the pump. The 87 refers to the octane level. Octane is added to gas to make it more stable and prevent premature combustion. You'll find higher octane levels in mid and premium grades of gasoline. This is what prevents the gas from igniting too early in higher combustion engines which will prevent knocking.

What To Use In Your Car

If you have a note on your dash or gas tank cover saying "Use Premium Gas Only" your car has a higher combustion engine and you should always choose premium gas. If you don't see that note or if it says "Premium Recommended" you may have some options. Check your car's user manual. It should list the recommended level of octane to use in your car.

Whether you use premium, mid-grade or regular gas in your vehicle Armour can offer you premium insurance protection and great service. Protect your vehicle with Armour today, give us a call at 1-855-475-0959. High value vehicle insurance products available.

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