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Is your Farm Crop at risk? Hail Insurance and Crop Insurance Alberta

Jun 22, 2012 10:18:00 AM

In recent weeks we have seen the start of the thunderstorms and hail across Alberta. Once your crop is up we all turn a wary eye to oncoming storms. Are we going to get hail, what effect could this storm have upon my crop yield. 

Do you have your crop hail insurance in place?

The Alberta Crop Report advises that seeding as of May 31, 2012 is 94% completed in the province, with good germination and precipitation the year is off to a promising start.

With  seeding mostly completed and crops looking great our hail insurance policies provide you with solid risk management for your crops. Why not get a quote from us today for  -Crop Hail Insurance. All areas of the province have reported precipitation but slightly cooler normal temperatures and cool nights have made crop emergence slow.

Regional Seeding Progress & Emergence by Crop (May 31/12)

  • Soil moisture ratings remain high, benefiting from the recent precipitation.
  • Surface soil moisture is rated 74% good/excellent, up from 63% on May 17. 
  • Sub soil moisture is rated 75% good/excellent, improving from 70% on the last report.

Table #2: Regional Soil Moisture Ratings (May 31/12)

  • Hay and pasture crop ratings are unchanged at 82% good/excellent.
  • Provincially, they are rated 2% poor; 16% fair; 61% good; 21% excellent.

With all regions seeding virtually complete and crops looking good why not get a quote and talk to us about risk management for your crops. We also provide Farm Insurance for buildings, equipment, livestock and liability needs.



Bill Reay

Written by Bill Reay


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