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Select Sweepstakes 2016 Launches for Armour Group Members

Apr 18, 2016 11:26:11 AM

select_sweepstakes_brochure.jpgThanks to all of the Armour Group Members who entered the 2015 Eco Select Sweepstakes. We gave away 6 cars last year to group members across Canada and hundreds of $100 gift cards. We enjoyed this program so much that we've decided to run it again for 2016. This is open to all Armour group members, but you have to enter to win. Here's how to enter:

This is an entirely new sweepstakes with new cars. It's still open to all Armour group members, but you have to enter to be eligible to win. Even if you were entered in the 2015 Sweepstakes, you must enter separately for the 2016. 

Who's Eligible

Any member of an Armour Insurance group insurance program can enter. You DO NOT have to be an Armour customer to enter. If you are an employee or a member of any of the following organizations, make sure you enter today. 

How Do I Enter?

Armour Customers - Call and ask to be entered in the Select Sweepstakes contest for your chance to win one of 6 new cars. That's it.

I am not currently an Armour Customer - Give us a call and ask to be entered into the Select Sweepstakes contest for your chance to win one of 6 new cars. Give us your contact information and expiry date of your current insurance policy. That's it. 

The sooner you enter the more chances you have to win. One entry will get you in the prize draw for all 6 cars. The first draw is at the end of May so don't delay, enter today!

Call now!

For full rules and regulations, you can check the Economical Select Sweepstakes website here

Rob Stevenson

Written by Rob Stevenson


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